The Talk: Jackie Collins The Power Trip & Hottest Kids Gifts 2013


The Talk February 19 2013

Recapo update: Here are this episode’s segments and products.

The Talk is new once again on Tuesday, February 19 2013. Don’t miss another new episode with the women and their guests, including The Price Is Right host Drew Carey and bestselling author Jackie Collins.


The Talk: Jackie Collins Power Trip Review

The Talk: Jackie Collins The Power Trip & Hottest Kids Gifts 2013

The Talk February 19 2013 will talk with Jackie Collins about her latest book, The Power Trip, and preview the hottest kids gifts of 2013 with an expert. (s_bukley /

Jackie Collins is back on the bestseller list with yet another book that fans are sure to devour. This time, the story is called The Power Trip, but you will have to let her explain the title and the book’s plot when she visits The Talk on February 19 2013.

Jackie Collins brings her personal expertise and Hollywood glamour to every book she writes, and her words have turned into over two dozen books and even several TV and movie adaptations of her work. How does she keep going strong after all these years?


At age 75, she shows no signs of slowing down, and you can see her yourself on The Talk February 19 2013.

The Talk: Hottest Kids Gifts

It is a new year and that means there are fancy toys coming soon to stores everywhere; remember the International Toy Fair? Find out about the best new toys your kids will be begging for when The Talk visits with Chi-Lan Lieu, who will show off the hottest kids gifts of the new year. I guess it is never too early to start on your holiday shopping. If you still have the wrapping paper out, that is even easier, as long as you don’t forget what you bought and wrapped 10 months early.

The Talk: Drew Carey Price Is Right

From The Price Is Right, Drew Carey is on The Talk all this week playing some fabulous favorite pricing games with the audience. Tune in on February 19 2013 to see what the game of the day will be and whether an audience member will be a lucky prize winner.

The Talk: Vegas Parody

Also this week, The Talk is parodying the popular dramas that air each night on CBS. On Tuesday’s show, Sara Gilbert goes on the scene of Vegas with that show’s stars, including Dennis Quaid and Jason O’Mara.

All that is coming up on The Talk February 19 2013. Don’t sweat if you miss anything, because we’ll have recaps for you right here after the show.


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