The Talk: Il Volo Performs & Selena Gomez The Getaway with Ethan Hawke


The Talk August 14 2013 Preview

On August 14 2013, Marie Osmond is back in the co-host seat. The Talk is interviewing Selena Gomez, who is gearing up for her Stars Dance tour. Plus, Il Volo performs.

The Talk: Il Volo Performs & Selena Gomez The Getaway with Ethan Hawke

The Talk August 14 2013 features Selena Gomez, star of The Getaway, and a performance from Italian Tenor Trio, Il Volo. (Helga Esteb /


Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour

Selena Gomez visits The Talk for an interview about her whirlwind year. From her breakup with Justin Bieber to her new album release to starring in a film with Ethan Hawke, Selena is owning 2013. She recently became a big sister when her mother and stepfather finally had their first child together after trying for a long time. Selena will have to kiss her baby sis goodbye when she heads out on her Stars Dance tour this fall.

Selena’s Stars Dance album was strong, but not as strong as her other musical endeavors. She split from her band, The Scene, and went a very electronic and racy direction. Seeing as how Gomez is 21 now, this isn’t as drastic a change as say Miley Cyrus.

Selena Gomez The Getaway With Ethan Hawke

In The Getaway, Selena Gomez plays passenger when Ethan Hawke hijacks her car to save his wife’s life. Hawke’s character is told that he has to drive to save his wife and Selena Gomez can help him. The high speed adventure is not Selena’s first non-Disney film. She made waves in last year’s raunchy film Spring Breakers with James Franco.


The Getaway debuts in theaters August 30, but you can see her this week on The Talk.

The Talk: Il Volo Performs

You could say these guys at like the Italian, much more vocally talented Jonas Brothers. Three very good looking Italian tenors, singing through your speakers like you are in a dream. It’s absolutely impossible to find any imperfections with Il Volo. From their smooth voices to their perfectly coiffed hair, to their excellent taste in fashion… you’ll fall in love when they perform on The Talk August 14.


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