The Talk: Benjamin Bratt, Chef Chris Kimball & Sheryl Underwood CSI


The Talk February 20 2013

The Talk February 20 2013 is a new episode, with guests Benjamin Bratt and, from The Price Is Right, Drew Carey. Plus, Chef Chris Kimball will be in the kitchen with the hosts.

The Talk: Benjamin Bratt

The Talk: Benjamin Bratt, Chef Chris Kimball & Sheryl Underwood CSI

The Talk February 20 2013 has guests Benjamin Bratt from the movie Snitch, Chef Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen, and Sheryl Underwood on CSI. (Photo Works /


Benjamin Bratt first came to fame through his role as a detective on the original Law & Order series. More recently, he joined the cast of the ABC drama Private Practice, which recently celebrated its series finale.

Now, Bratt is headed for the big screen in the new movie Snitch, about a father going undercover for the DEA in a desperate attempt to free his son from prison. The movie’s cast included Dwayne Johnson (better known as The Rock) and Susan Sarandon, among other familiar faces.

Snitch opens in theaters on Friday, February 22 2013, and Benjamin Bratt will be talking The Talk on February 20 2013.


The Talk: Chef Chris Kimball

Chef Chris Kimball is a well-known chef who has made a name for himself in magazines and television. HIs magazines include Cook’s Country and he hosts the PBS series America’s Test Kitchen. He will be bringing his culinary expertise to The Talk on February 20 2013 with a Talk Takeaway recipe. You’ll have to tune in to find out what he is making.

Don’t miss The Talk on February 20 2013, but if you can’t see the show, be sure to visit Recapo and get the recipes and details you might have missed from this episode.

The Talk: Drew Carey & CSI

The Talk is promoting some favorites from the CBS family this week. Drew Carey is playing games from The Price Is Right with the show’s audience, and The Talk co-hosts are spoofing some of the network’s drama.

On Wednesday, February 20 2013, don’t miss Sheryl Underwood in a parody of CSI, opposite Ted Danson. That’s coming up on The Talk.


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