The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Suburgatory & Chef Roy Yamaguchi Recipes


The Talk April 8 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recaps from this show.

The Talk is all new on Monday, April 8 2013. The guest list includes Ana Gasteyer and Chef Roy Yamaguchi. Here’s a look at what’s ahead on the show. (Later in the week, don’t miss Jerry O’Connell and Linda Gray.)


The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Suburgatory

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Suburgatory & Chef Roy Yamaguchi Recipes

From Suburgatory, Ana Gasteyer will be a guest on The Talk April 8. (Helga Esteb /

Have you been watching the hilarious suburban comedy Suburgatory? The series followed a teenage girl and her single dad from New York City to the suburb of Chatswin, where the father hoped his daughter would have a better chance to succeed at school and in life.

What started out as a sharp suburban satire has developed into a charming and surprisingly thoughtful investigation of characters that could easily have become cartoons. Ana Gasteyer plays one such citizen, Sheila Shay.


On the show, fellow Saturday Night Live alum Chris Parnell plays Gasteyer’s husband. There are just a few episodes left of Suburgatory this season, so hopefully Gasteyer will have the scoop on the impending finale when she visits The Talk April 8.

What do you think of these two former SNL stars teaming up again in a sitcom? It’s interesting to see them play off one another in a new setting.

The Talk: Chef Roy Yamaguchi

Chef Roy Yamaguchi specializes in Hawaiian cuisine, and he makes his home in the island state, where he practices his culinary art. He will be bringing his Hawaiian fusion cuisine to the show, and maybe he’ll even whip up a dessert for the co-hosts.

His Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurants are located in eight US states, and he is sharing some goodies with The Talk on April 8. If you miss the show or want to get the recipes, check back here after it airs.

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