The Talk: Time Bomb Review & Lulu’s Secrets To Looking Good


The Talk Takeaway: Beauty

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, a singer and actress with an extensive resume including the hit song “To Sir With Love,” was in The Talk Takeaway with some anti-aging advice from her new book, Lulu’s Secrets To Looking Good, and a Time Bomb review of the new makeup line.

The Talk: Lulu’s Secrets To Looking Good Review

The Talk: Time Bomb Review & Lulu's Secrets To Looking Good

The Talk featured a Time Bomb review and anti-aging beauty advice from Lulu Kennedy-Cairns on magnesium crystal cleansers and youthful hair color.


Sharon said she is friends with Lulu, who said that she had been enjoying watching the show from backstage. Lulu said she is 64 years old, and it can be easy keeping up with beauty through the years.

The Talk: Magnesium Crystal Cleansers

Keeping your skin hydrated is important, and she recommended turning to magnesium crystal cleansers. Look for a professional microdermabrasion scrub product containing this type of ingredient.

The Talk: Youthful Hair Advice

To keep your hair looking youthful, Lulu said softening the color is important. Lulu used to be a redhead, but in more recent years she has gone blonde. She said to avoid extreme colors that can clash harshly with your complexion.


The Talk: Age Appropriate Wardrobe

How can you dress appropriately for your age? Lulu said that jackets are great for aging gracefully. She is not a fan of leggings and recommended hiding the crotch and other intimate areas.

Layer jewelry and wear collared jackets, she suggested. Her advice for feeling young is to keep dancing. She said her favorite style of dance was hip-hop, and she broke down a few moves on The Talk.

The Talk: Time Bomb Review

Lulu apparently has a line of beauty products called Time Bomb by Federici Brands, which the studio audience scored for free. Have you ever heard of these products?

The Talk: Blake Shelton “Sure Be Cool If You Did”

Blake Shelton and his band took The Talk stage to close out the show with a performance of “Sure Be Cool If You Did.” Tell me your favorite Blake Shelton song in the comments.


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