The Talk: The Band Perry “Pinch Me” Moments

Speaking on their history, all of the siblings from The Band Perry began performing music as young children. Now, they have been performing music in some capacity for 14 years – and this is partially due to their parents support. Taking the atypical role, their parents never really considered a Plan B, going full steam ahead with the dream. Kimberly, in the process of looking for colleges as a fallback plan, was actually told by her parents not to do it. If you have a fallback plan, they said, it is likely that you will fall back on it.

The Talk: The Band Perry & Paul McCartney

The Talk: The Band Perry, Paul McCartney's iPhone & Outnumber Hunger

The Band Perry performed their single “Done” off their new album Pioneer.

Their first “pinch me” moment came last year at the Grammy Awards. From, having gone from having more people on stage than in to crowd, to being invited to such a musically important event really opened the band’s eyes to just how successful they had become. Said Neil of the moment, “There was Sir Paul McCartney taking pictures of Glen Campbell on his iPhone, and I nudge K and say ‘Hey, we’re on Sir Paul McCartney’s iPhone!'” I can see that.

The Talk: The Band Perry Outnumber Hunger

The band also believes in using their fame to help those less fortunate than them. As a part of the program “Outnumber Hunger,” they have the opportunity to travel the country playing shows and raising awareness for programs such as that.

The Talk: The Band Perry “Done”

I don’t listen to country music. I don’t particularly even like country music, but I have to say that The Band Perry sure does bring a lot of energy in their performance. You won’t catch me saying that I felt like I was there, but I certainly have to credit them for performing their music with passion. Even if you don’t like it, you have to appreciate an artist who’s enthusiastic about their craft–especially if they even want to be considered an artist to begin with.

The Band Perry’s new album, Pioneer is available now, along with their new hit single, “Done.”

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