The Talk: William Shatner Escape From Planet Earth Review & Music


The Talk: William Shatner

For years, he has starred in countless movies and TV shows. Now he is back in the animated feature Escape From Planet Earth, and William Shatner hung out with the women of The Talk to discuss his chat with astronaut Chris Hadfield and the new film Escape From Planet Earth.

The Talk: William Shatner Wife

The Talk: William Shatner Escape From Planet Earth Review & Music

William Shatner talked about his approach to his animated role in Escape From Planet Earth, his interview with a Canadian astronaut, and his music career. (Lisette M. Azar/CBS)


William Shatner was very complimentary of the beauty he was surrounded by on The Talk panel. But he has been out of the dating scene for quite a while, recently celebrating 12 years with his wife.

His wife, Elizabeth Shatner, is an artist and photographer, and Shatner showed some of her shots during the show, saying her work is on display in galleries throughout the country.

The Talk: William Shatner Star Trek

Sheryl Underwood is throwing herself at every man who visits the show, so she propositioned Shater to recreate Star Trek and show her some love. Once he told her to leave him alone, he revealed what he did for his wife on Valentine’s Day: champagne and roses.


But since he is heading for Australia soon, he said he hoped to take Elizabeth along to explore the country’s opal mines. He also suggested that someone invent ripaway suits for when female fans get out of control.

The Talk: Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Last week, former Star Trek Captain Kirk William Shatner had the chance to make a phone call to space. He said that his intention when conducting an interview or conversation is to penetrate to the soul in what short time he has.

He had 10 minutes to talk with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, an engineer. Shatner said he did his homework and asked him about fear. How did he feel about the mechanics of space?

“I got fascinating answers in 10 minutes. I was able to reach in and get answers of depth,” he said.

The Talk: Escape From Planet Earth Review

In the new animated movie Escape From Planet Earth, Shatner plays an evil general enlisting aliens to do his dirty work. He said that it was great to get to play the bad guy.

He recalled performing in another animated movie, Over The Hedge, which his five-year-old granddaughters thought was too scary. Escape From Planet Earth is designed to appeal to family members of all ages.

“In playing the villain, I kept that in mind,” he said, thinking of appealing to kids and adults. Shatner said he likes animation because he does not have to see himself on camera.

Over The Hedge was accepted to the Cannes Film Festival, and when they arrived at the festival, they also encountered the French actors who dubbed their voices, effectively erasing them from the film.

The Talk: William Shatner Music

William Shatner is working on another album. Does he prefer acting or singing? “Singing is acting with sustained notes,” he said. “But the mood of the lyric and the music sustains you, and at its best, it works.”

He can sing, but can he dance? He keeps turning down Dancing With The Stars, and he said that he used to be great at tap dancing and ballet. But now he walks with a cane, which limits his range of motion.

William Shatner stars in Escape From Planet Earth, in theaters February 15 2013.


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