The Talk: Wayne Brady Let’s Make a Deal 50th Anniversary & Monty Hall


The Talk: Wayne Brady

As the host of Let’s Make A Deal, Wayne Brady found a showcase for his improvisational talents and quick mind. Brady was back on The Talk to share a milestone of his daily game show gig.

The Talk: Wayne Brady Reality TV

Wayne Brady said he might do a reality show sometime in the future, if he found the right project. But he is turned off by a lot of the “lowest common denominator” programming that seems to be so popular these days. Has he seen his own game show? It is pretty ridiculous.


Brady said he skipped the Oscars to take care of a sick child, so he did not have much to contribute in looking back at the ceremonies. But he did perform at the recent BET Honors.

The Talk: Wayne Brady Let's Make a Deal 50th Anniversary & Monty Hall

Game show host Wayne Brady talked The Talk about the upcoming 50th anniversary edition of Let’s Make A Deal, with a special appearance by Monty Hall. (s_bukley /

He said that he was grateful to participate in the BET Honors, and he appreciates the meaning of working with the influential network. Brady got to sing to Lisa Leslie and Halle Berry, who were in the audience.


The Talk: Wayne Brady Impersonations

His influences include Sammy Davis Jr and Otis Redding, and Brady said he would be open to portraying them on the big screen. He said that Jamie Foxx paved the way in showing different facets of himself as an entertainer in Ray.

The Talk: Wayne Brady Let’s Make A Deal

Wayne Brady and the Let’s Make A Deal team are celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary. Does it count as a milestone when the show took a decade off in the 1990s?

Brady said that the ratings are really going strong now that the revival has been on the air for a few years. Initially, he turned down the offer to host the show because he wanted the chance to be funny and showcase his talents.

But he said he has the chance to enjoy an unpredictable show and keep things interesting every day. “It is the craziest thing on TV, and people love it,” he said.

The Talk: Let’s Make A Deal Special

The Friday, March 1 2013 episode will mark the milestone anniversary with the show’s most popular host, Monty Hall. Brady said that he often visits the show behind the scenes, though he is now in his 90s.

Brady said that age does take its toll, but Hall’s spirit as a performer continues to shine through. Let’s Make A Deal airs weekdays on CBS, and now it includes a $50,000 Super Deal bonus round. Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite game show.


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