The Talk: Tom Selleck Sprained His Ankle & Working With Mae West


The Talk: Tom Selleck Sprained Ankle On Ranch

The Talk invited Tom Selleck onto the stage and as he was walking out everyone noticed he was limping. Selleck said while on his ranch, doing “manly stuff,” and he spotted a bobcat in the distance. As he was looking at the animal through his binoculars, he stepped on a rock and slipped down a small incline, causing him to sprain his ankle.

Do not worry. He is alright.


The Talk: Tom Selleck Most Annoying Words

The Talk went over the most annoying words of 2012 today and Selleck said he really dislikes when people use a superlative added to another superlative, such as “super awesome” or “very incredible.”

The Talk: Tom Selleck New Year’s Resolution

Tom Selleck is too manly for a New Year’s resolution. He said he opted not to have one this year because he doesn’t like to be told what to do and he wants to do something positive. “The problem is every New Year’s resolution is about doing nothing or doing less of something,” Selleck said.

The Talk: Tom Selleck and Mae West Work Together

The Talk: Tom Selleck Sprained His Ankle & Working With Mae West

The Talk invited Tom Selleck on the show to talk about possibly making Three Men and a Bride, spraining his ankle on his ranch and working with Mae West. (Joe Seer /


In the 1970s, Tom Selleck starred in a movie with Mae West titled Myra Breckinridge, a movie he doesn’t seem too proud of. “Please don’t rent the movie,” Selleck said, “it isn’t a good movie.”

Even if it isn’t a good movie, it was one of the first movies Selleck had a role in. But it is a funny story how he got the role. Selleck said he got a call from his agent saying Mae West wanted him to meet her in her dressing room at 8 p.m. So he went to meet her and the producers and he went home when they finished.

The next day he got another call from his agent telling him to go to Mae West’s apartment at 8 p.m. When he arrived she was waiting for him and asked how tall he was. He said around 6’4″ and she told him that was too tall. But she had a plan. Every scene he was in, he would have to spread his legs so he would look shorter.

The Talk: Three Men and a Bride

After the success of Three Men and a Baby, Selleck said he was thrilled. “It was the first movie I remember being number one at Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Christmas.”

But will there be the much anticipated sequel, Three Men and a Bride? Selleck said it was supposed to happen and then it disappeared, but he wants to make the movie happen someday.

The Talk: Tom Selleck On Blue Bloods

Selleck is back on television playing the role of Frank Reagan, the commissioner of the NYPD, on the show Blue Bloods. The show, which is the number one TV show at 10 p.m. on any network, is about a family of New York City police officers who deal with the struggles of being police officers. “This show is really about family,” Selleck said. “It isn’t The Waltons. It is an adult drama. And there is room in television for that and we are proving it.”

The Talk: Tom Selleck’s Childhood

The Talk wanted to know if some of Selleck’s father is coming out in his role as the police commissioner on the show Blue Bloods. He said he thinks of his father sometimes when playing the show, but suddenly stopped to tell the co-hosts about the time he broke a window playing baseball. He told his father what happened, he apologized to the neighbor and his father taught him how to fix the window.

“That is good parenting,” Selleck said, alluding to the video of the mother who pranked her son. “It is a good lesson I still remember,” he said.

The Talk: Spit Bucket on Set

Have you ever heard of spit bucket? Well apparently on a TV set there are spit buckets for actors to spit food into when they are in dinner scenes and don’t feel like they can eat any more food. Blue Bloods has a ton of dinner scenes. Apparently Selleck is becoming quite used to using one on the show.

The Talk: Keeping the Kids Entertained

There are quite a number of little kids on Blue Bloods and Selleck said he often times has to entertain them. But he slipped up one time when he told them they had to see Airplane. Afterwards he realized he was sending them home to hear naughty jokes and see naked woman.



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