The Talk: Theresa Caputo Gift & Long Island Medium Season 4 Review


The Talk: Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo talks to the dead in her television series Long Island Medium. She claims to have a powerful connection to the spirit world and is forced to pick up on messages and communications from those on the other side, whether she likes it or not.

The Talk: Theresa Caputo Gift

The Talk: Theresa Caputo Gift & Long Island Medium Season 4 Review

Theresa Caputo was a guest on The Talk to preview the new Long Island Medium season 4 and demonstrate her uncontrollable gift to communicate with the dead.


Theresa said she has had this ability since childhood, but did not know at first that this was abnormal. She explained that the communication style has evolved as she has aged. She said they are always finding ways to surprise her and get her attention.

The Long Island Medium said that she does not sleep well at night because it is easier for spirits to get in touch with us when our minds are at rest.

The Talk: Long Island Medium Season 4 Review

She said that everyone wishes they had a break from things, and life is not easy for anyone, but I didn’t get the impression that she would ever want to give up her gift.


In season 4 of Long Island Medium, Caputo promised “a lot of amazing readings” as well as Hurricane Sandy relief work. There are surprises from family members along the way as well.

The new season of the show airs Sunday nights on TLC.

During her interview, Caputo admitted that she was sensing spirits ever since she showed up for The Talk. Spirits just step forward and it sounds like it can get very confusing to be a medium.

The Talk: Theresa Caputo Live Reading

“They just want us to know they’re OK,” she said, suggesting that a son who was killed violently was at peace, despite a lack of accountability for his death.

An audience member said that her daughter’s boyfriend committed suicide recently. Theresa gave the mother an apology from her daughter’s late boyfriend, who appreciated the love she showed him during his life.



  1. Carol Ike says

    We love your TV shows and watch every program we can…We lost our 57 year old son in Feb. 2012. We are having a hard time with his death and our loss…My husband has continually physically lost his inspiration to live…If I could have a personal reading for him and let him know how our son is doing on the other side. thank you so much.

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