The Talk: Theo James Cigars, Chi McBride & Golden Boy Review


The Talk: Golden Boy

Chi McBride and Theo James are the stars of a new CBS crime drama, Golden Boy. The series is about an unlikely pairing of police partners, and the actors talked about the project with the gang at The Talk.

The Talk: Theo James Cigars

The Talk: Theo James Cigars, Chi McBride & Golden Boy Review

The women of The Talk featured a Golden Boy review of the new CBS cop shop, with its stars, Chi McBride and Theo James (Featureflash /


Theo James and Chi McBride worked closely together on the first season of Golden Boy. Chi introduced Theo to a new hobby: cigars. They shared Theo’s “first good cigar” at the Grand Havana Room as a bonding experience.

Their chemistry shows on the screen, and they made a point to play up their camaraderie for the series.

The Talk: Golden Boy Review

In Golden Boy, Theo’s character plays a rookie cop, while Chi’s character is nearing retirement. How does that interplay affect the show?


Theo James said his character initially resents being bogged down with a seasoned partner. But turmoil leads to a friendship and a mentor relationship.

In preparation for the series, the actors went on ride alongs with the New York Police Department and even incorporated real police jargon into the show, such as “show me those hands or you’re going to be wearing one of these bullets.”

The Talk: Theo James Accent

Theo James is originally from England, and Sheryl asked him about his accent, and the difference between US vs UK police officers.

James said that homicide detectives in America have more of a “rock star” appeal than their British counterparts. Also, the British homicide detectives do not carry the kind of firepower that our US police forces have.

The Talk: Chi McBride & Theo James

McBride said that he and James have developed a great friendship based on mutual respect. They make a great pair, he said, and they collaborate to make sure their partnership plays well on the show.

You can see the TV cops do their thing in the new CBS series Golden Boy, Tuesday nights on CBS.

Can you think of your favorite TV detective? Tell me in the comments. I think I’d have to choose Jim Rockford.


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