The Talk: The Young and the Restless 40th Anniversary Cast Memories


The Talk: The Young and the Restless

On March 26 1973, The Young and the Restless took viewers to Genoa City for the first time. Forty years on, the series is the #1 drama in daytime 24 years running and has won seven Emmys for outstanding daytime drama. To celebrate this milestone, cast members got together on The Talk to reminisce.

The Talk: Peter Bergman Y&R


The Talk: The Young and the Restless 40th Anniversary Cast Memories

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless, The Talk invited cast members to share their memories and favorite moments from the show. (CBS)

Though it may be hard to imagine that the show has been going for so long, the cast does still look pretty good. Peter Bergman is celebrating 23 years as a cast member, portraying Jack Abbott.

He joked that the secret to the show’s success is showering together. But seriously, “continuity has been the key.” He credited Bill Bell with running the show for a quarter century and keeping the storylines consistent.


The Talk: Melody Thomas Scott Vs Rats

Since 1979, Melody Thomas Scott has starred as Nikki Newman on the show. She had trouble picking out just one memorable moment. In one episode, she found herself in a sewer with live rats. In real life, Scott said that she is not a fan of rats, and did not enjoy that filming experience.

The Talk: Kristoph St. John & Michelle Stafford

In 1991, Kristoph St. John joined the cast as Neil Winters for a four-episode stint. He managed to remember his lines and parlayed that into a career. A three-year contract turned into 23 years and counting.

Sheryl Underwood suspected that it must be difficult to keep all the lines straight. But Michelle Stafford said that it helps when there are so many love scenes to cut down on the dialogue.

The Talk: Y&R Nikki Multiple Sclerosis

Melody’s character, Nikki, has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The storyline was inspired partly by The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne’s son, Jack Osbourne. “We’re all learning together, and it was actually inspired by your show,” she said.

The Talk: Young and the Restless Fans

Since 2005, Amelia Heinle has portrayed Victoria on the show, and she said that fan reaction is overwhelming and always surprising. Even meeting people in airports can be an eye-opening experience for her.

She recalled having a text message relationship with a fan named Julie, who said that she uses soap operas to help her cope with her husband’s deployment to Afghanistan.

The Talk: Joshua Morrow Y&R

Joshua Morrow stars as Nicholas Newman, and he explained that his father is a huge fan of the show and his son’s character. His father gathered the media and dozens of friends and family to surprise him at the airport when he got the job.

Michael Muhney said that the cast is like a family, with the same dynamics of siblings and relatives. Muhney said that he and Morrow have a brother-like relationship offscreen in addition to their onscreen back and forth.

The Talk: RIP Luis Godinez

Muhney said that he also wanted to thank the behind the scenes crew, including the recently deceased Luis Godinez, who worked as a boom operator on the show since 1978. His son now works on the show as well.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS, and the show’s 40th anniversary is March 26 2013.


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