The Talk: Tate Donovan Vs Victor Garber Argo & Deception Review


The Talk: Tate Donovan

Actor Tate Donovan got to celebrate alongside his castmates when the 2012 movie Argo won the Oscar for best picture. Now he is starring in the NBC drama Deception, which traces the mysterious death of his character’s sister. What is it like working with Victor Garber again? Check out The Talk’s Deception review.

The Talk: Tate Donovan Argo

The Talk: Tate Donovan Vs Victor Garber Argo & Deception Review

On The Talk, actor Tate Donovan talked about working on the NBC mystery thriller Deception and co-starring with Argo’s Victor Garber once again. (Helga Esteb /


Tate said that he and the Argo team knew the movie would be great, but you can never be sure what will come out of it. He said everyone who worked on it was fantastic, but they did not know if it would connect with audiences.

Donovan said even he was on the edge of his seat when he saw the finished product, despite the fact that the real life ending is well-known.

The Talk: Argo Method Acting

His Argo character, Bob, was hiding at an ambassador’s home in the movie. How did director Ben Affleck prepare the six actors playing hostages? He put them in a house together for six days with no Internet and no contact with the outside world.


Donovan said he was reluctant, but it really brought the castmates together as they got ready for their roles. “We drank a lot,” he said.

Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen compared this type of method acting to the CBS reality series Big Brother.

The Talk: Tate Donovan Deception Review

In the NBC drama Deception, Tate Donovan’s character Edward is a whistleblower. He finds himself turning his back on his own family, and he said the show has something for everyone, including a mystery and a love story.

“It’s a really juicy, great show, and I love working on it,” he said.

The Talk: Tate Donovan & Victor Garber

Argo co-star Victor Garber is working with Tate once again in Deception, as his father, which Garber apparently resents since they are not that far apart in age.

In Deception, Edward’s past includes getting away with murder. He said that as an actor, you do not focus on judging your character, but focusing on what the character wants and how he will get it.

New episodes of Deception can be seen Monday nights on NBC.


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