The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Mike and Molly Review & 97-Year-Old Mother


The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz

From the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly, actress Swoosie Kurtz joined The Talk team for a chat. Sharon Osbourne called her a scene stealer with a Tony and an Emmy to prove it. She now plays Molly’s mother, Joyce, on the CBS comedy.

The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Childhood

The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Mike and Molly Review & 97-Year-Old Mother

From the CBS comedy Mike and Molly, Swoosie Kurtz was on The Talk to share her early start in show business and what it’s like living with her mother. (Helga Esteb /


Swoosie Kurtz’s father was the “most decorated Air Force pilot of World War II,” Sheryl Underwood learned. Kurtz said that she moved around a lot, which was hard as an only child with a unique name.

“The Air Force always seemed to move us in the middle of the school year,” she said. Swoosie said, “I am an introvert in life and an extrovert on stage.”

She recalled being mortified when she had to introduce herself to a classroom, and the teacher asked her if she was sure that her name was Swoosie.


The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Donna Reed Show

In high school, Swoosie Kurtz starred in The Donna Reed Show. She was cast by a legendary casting director who spotted her onstage in a high school play. This got her a SAG card and got her out of school.

Her role ended up getting cut down and her face was not featured in the episode, but you could hear her voice.

The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Mike and Molly Review

Kurtz said the planets aligned for Mike and Molly, from the creative team to the actors. Everyone works well together and Kurtz portrays Molly’s misbehaving mother.

“When I’m playing another person, I can say and do things that Swoosie would never have the guts to say,” she said.

Mike and Molly can be seen Monday nights on CBS.

The Talk: Swoosie Kurtz Mother

Her mother is 97 years old, and Swoosie said she is a great character. They are best friends and they even live together.

Swoosie’s mother is concerned about being in the way, to which she says, “You’re not in the way. You are the way.” Kurtz said that her mother always keeps everyone laughing. That might have something to do with her remarkable longevity.


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