The Talk: Soleil Moon Frye Name Meaning & Moonfrye App For Parents


The Talk: Mother’s Day Surprise Guest

The Talk invited the mother of a celebrity on the show. The co-hosts had 90 seconds to ask questions to try and figure out the woman’s famous child. They figured out that the celebrity was a child star who was now involved in social media and business. The answer was Soleil Moon Frye, who starred as Punky Brewster and also appeared in the later years of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Now she is developing the new Moonfrye app.

The Talk: Soleil Moon Frye Name Meaning & Moonfrye App For Parents

On The Talk, Soleil Moon Frye was a surprise guest to talk about how social media helps her be a better parent. She is working on the new Moonfrye app. (s_bukley /


Sondra, Soleil’s mother, was proud to talk about her daughter during the Q&A guessing game, which Sara Gilbert recused herself from because she knew the mom personally. Sara’s age and career might have given her co-hosts a clue, but Aisha Tyler’s best guest was Justine Bateman.

The Talk: Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye joined The Talk table to talk about her relationship with her mother. “My mom is my foundation and the roots of who I am,” she said.

She grew up with a single mom who gave them everything they needed, including love and support. Frye said that her mother taught them about compassion and there was always fun and food on the table.


The Talk: Soleil Moon Frye Name

The family celebrated every holiday together, and Sheryl Underwood wanted to know how mother Sondra Peluce came up with the name Soleil Moon.

Sondra said that Soleil’s father wanted to name her Megan. But after 10 months in the womb, Sondra named her after a song from the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun. Soleil is French for sun.

The Talk: Moonfrye App

Soleil is a mother of two daughters, and she is passionate about motherhood and advice. She has a book coming in fall 2013 called Let’s Get This Party Started.

She also has an app in development called Moonfrye, because “social media became my mommy group.”

You can look for the Moonfrye app in summer 2013. Do you think social media is a good way to get parenting advice and support?



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