The Talk: Sigourney Weaver Movies Vs Plays & Broadway Tony Nomination


The Talk: Sigourney Weaver

You know her from her otherworldly films such as Alien and Avatar. Now she is starring on Broadway in the play Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Sigourney Weaver was The Talk’s first guest during this May trip to New York City.

The Talk: Sigourney Weaver’s Father Pat

The Talk: Sigourney Weaver Movies Vs Plays & Broadway Tony Nomination

In New York City, The Talk interviewed Sigourney Weaver from Broadway’s Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, who shared challenges of movies versus plays. (s_bukley /


Julie Chen credited Sigourney’s father, Pat Weaver, with inventing the concept of the talk show. But Sigourney said that she never really understood what her father did all day at work.

She said he seemed to have a good time at his job, and that element of fun drew her toward an interest in show business. Weaver did not realize how many ups and downs there would be in what her dad called “the racket.”

Here’s some interesting trivia: Pat Weaver “started the first cable television company. He was put out of business illegally in California in 1963,” according to his daughter. That is fascinating to me.


Sigourney Weaver said she was inspired by her father, who took a lot of chances, even though they did not always work out according to plan.

The Talk: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Reviews

Sigourney’s new play, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, has been nominated for a Tony Award. The comedy is getting rave reviews, and Weaver plays the character of Masha.

The story follows adult children who have stayed home taking care of their ailing parents. But Weaver’s character returns to the family and turns everything on its head.

“The only complaint I hear is that they laugh so hard, their faces hurt,” Weaver said.

The Talk: Sigourney Weaver Live Theatre

Live theatre can lead to some unpredictable moments. There was an older woman in the front row of the audience who had a loud bag of snacks. She continued to snack on her treats throughout the entire show!

That’s really rude. Someone once ate potato chips near me at a live show, and it was very annoying.

The Talk: Sigourney Weaver Movies Vs Plays

How is daily theatre different from the challenges of a movie role like Alien? Weaver said she was in great shape from her daunting stage schedule. But in Alien, she said her weapon was very heavy and hard to carry.

“You have to be an athlete, I think, to be an actor in some of these things,” she said.

Fans are most likely to say, “I am the he-master,” if they encounter Weaver on the street, she said. The play can be seen at the Golden Theatre in New York City.


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