The Talk: Sheryl Lee Ralph Redefining Diva Review & Dreamgirls


The Talk: Sheryl Lee Ralph Redefining Diva

For over three decades, singer and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph has dazzled audiences. Now she is telling her story in the book Redefining Diva.

The Talk: Diva Defintion

The Talk: Sheryl Lee Underwood Redefining Diva Review & Dreamgirls

Original Dreamgirls star and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph opened up about her career success on The Talk while discussing her new memoir, Redefining Diva. (Helga Esteb /


Sheryl Lee Ralph seemed suspicious of Sheryl Underwood, whom she claims stole her makeup artist. At least someone was not flattered by Underwood’s constant flattery and flirting.

Sheryl Lee Ralph said that she wants to remind everyone of the true definition of diva: “divinely inspired, victoriously alive.”

The Talk: Sheryl Lee Ralph Career

Marie Osmond recalled that diva used to be a positive term and a compliment. Sheryl Lee Ralph has been a star of stage and screen for more than 35 years. What roadblocks has she overcome? “Being a woman…and then adding color on top of it.”


She remembered that she was told not to forget her place when she was just starting out. She met with a casting director after her run in Dream Girls, who told her, “Everybody knows you’re beautiful, you’re talented. But what do we do with a beautiful, talented black girl?”

The Talk: Sheryl Lee Underwood Dreamgirls

More recently, Sheryl said she ran into the casting director, who apologized for his comments to her and said that not working with her was one of his biggest career mistakes.

She starred in Broadway’s Dreamgirls at age 24, when it opened on the first stage. But at age 19, she worked with Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby in her first film, A Piece of The Action. She said her cousin helped get her into acting.

You can read more about her remarkable life and career in Redefining Diva, Sheryl Lee Ralph’s new memoir.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Talk Show

You can also catch guest co-host Marie Osmond in her own weekday talk show, airing on the Hallmark Channel.


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