The Talk: Sarah Chalke Kawasaki Disease & How To Live With Your Parents


The Talk: Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke and Sara Gilbert go way back, as co-stars on the seminal sitcom Roseanne. Since then, Chalke has starred in the medical comedy Scrubs, and now she is back in How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life). She has also become a kind of spokesperson about Kawasaki Disease.

The Talk: Sarah Chalke Clumsy

Sarah Chalke said one of the rudest things men have said to her was asking if she recently ate garlic. Another favorite of hers is, “I love that you don’t care how you look.”


Chalke explained that she is naturally clumsy, which makes her a pro at physical comedy. She walked into a glass wall on the set, for example.

The Talk: Sarah Chalke Accidents

The Talk: Sarah Chalke Kawasaki Disease & How To Live With Your Parents

Sarah Chalke talked The Talk about Kawasaki Disease, being clumsy and accident prone, and starring in the new ABC sitcom How To Live With Your Parents. (s_bukley /

She has also hurt the same ankle several times. She has stepped on a pinecone and even injured herself while trying on pants.


Chalke is no stranger to embarrassing dating stories, either. Once, she wore a strapless top, and she somehow managed to flail around enough to work the shirt down and accidentally expose her chest.

The Talk: Sarah Chalke Gas Pump

Sarah Chalke’s fiance has come to her aid on more than one occasion. Recently, as she attempted to drive away from a gas pump, her boyfriend alerted her that the nozzle was still in her car.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens in that situation, the gas nozzle did detach from the pump, and Chalke said she had to pay to replace it. But gas did not spurt everywhere, which is a great security feature for clumsy people like her (and those around them).

The Talk: Sarah Chalke How To Live With Your Parents

The new series How To Live With Your Parents is based on the real life of creator Claudia Lonow, and Chalke said she is hilarious. She and her five-year-old had to move back in with her parents, which inspired the jumping off point for the series.

How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) is on Wednesday nights on ABC.

The Talk: Sarah Chalke Kawasaki Disease

Chalke’s son in real life had Kawasaki Disease, and her true story inspired a storyline on Grey’s Anatomy. This can cause permanent heart damage, and she felt that telling the story on TV would be a great way to get the word out to parents.

There is a short 10-day window during which you can get treatment, and Chalke’s son got the treatment on day 10 1/2. Symptoms include fever and redness, but the disease is often misdiagnosed.

Taking pictures of your child when she or he is sick can help a doctor make an accurate diagnosis.


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