The Talk: Rita Moreno Memoir, Marlon Brando & John F. Kennedy


The Talk: Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno is a rare performer who has achieved EGOT, winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony. Her story of humble beginnings and Hollywood success is told in her book, Rita Moreno: A Memoir.

The Talk: Rita Moreno & Marlon Brando

The Talk: Rita Moreno Memoir, Marlon Brando & John F. Kennedy

The Talk featured Rita Moreno in a discussion of the entertainment legend’s high profile romances with Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, from her new memoir. (s_bukley /


As usual, Moreno looked amazing. Remember when she played a nun in Oz? My earliest memories of her are in reruns of The Rockford Files.

I can’t imagine what secrets she is revealing in her book, but Julie Chen said that three chapters are centered on her former lover Marlon Brando. She said that they were a couple for nearly eight years.

The Talk: Rita Moreno & Elvis Presley

Their obsession with one another eventually eclipsed their relationship, and it did not help things that Brando was a philanderer. But she also pursued Elvis Presley, among other beloved suitors.


After hearing through the grapevine that Presley was interested in meeting her, she took him up on the offer during a rough patch with Brando. It achieved the desired result of infuriating Brando.

Rita said her recollections of Presley’s prowess were too hot for TV.

The Talk: Rita Moreno Eyesies

Back in the day, Moreno was spending time with Ann Miller at an opening for The Colony nightclub. Exchanging pointed looks is called “eyesies,” according to Moreno, and that is exactly what happened when a particular guest arrived at the event.

The man who wouldn’t stop checking her out was John F. Kennedy. How about that? She has lived a remarkable life. “The man was sending messages,” she said, with intense recollection. But she resisted his advances in the end.

The Talk: Rita Moreno EGOT

Rita got her Academy Award for West Side Story, but she almost missed out on the role because of her thyroid condition. Her hyperthyroidism caused her eyeballs to protrude, which nearly cost her the part.

Moreno said she had to pretend to know how to ride a horse to get a part one time, which ended in a wild ride for her when the horse took off. She also starred with Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain. Kelly wanted her to cut her hair for the role, but she refused.

You can read more of her juicy stories in Rita Moreno: A Memoir, on sale now.


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