The Talk: Regina King In Jerry Maguire & Ray and Son DJ ID Required


The Talk: Regina King

Regina King got her big break in acting at age 14, and has not stopped since. Now, she is also directing an episode of TNT’s Southland, in which she has starred for the past five seasons. Plus, she talked with the ladies about her roles in Ray and Jerry Maguire.

The Talk: Regina King & DJ ID Required

The Talk: Regina King In Jerry Maguire & Ray and Son DJ ID Required

On The Talk, actress Regina King from TNT’s Southland shared her experiences working on movies like Jerry Maguire and Ray, with stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. (Featureflash /


Even guest host Lynda Carter was excited to talk with King. The actress has a 17-year-old son, and she explained that he is allowed to date, but she is constantly battling with him over his curfew.

She said his friends’ parents let their kids stay out much later, but she is laying down the law. King said her son performs music under the name DJ ID Required.

“He has such a great ear,” King said, noting that she and her son have some common musical interests and is a big fan of The Temptations.


The Talk: Regina King Jerry Maguire

Regina King had a memorable performance in Jerry Maguire. What was it like working with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr?

King recalled the long audition process, which coincided with her pregnancy and delivery. She finally got a night out months after her son was born, and she ran into Cuba Gooding Jr at a party, who gave her the good news that she got the job. He thought she already knew!

She actually beat out Janet Jackson for the part, she said. Later, she had another great role in Ray. She said that she wanted to stretch herself and play Margie in the movie.

The Talk: Regina King Southland

Southland is filmed on the streets of LA, and Regina King said that this sometimes leads to confusion. Someone witnessed a scuffle and intervened, threatening to call the police because she did not realize a TV show was being filmed.

Southland airs Wednesday nights on TNT.


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