The Talk: Pauley Perrette Socks & Out of the Closet Grammy Dress


The Talk: Pauley Perrette

You know her as Abby from the long-running hit TV drama NCIS. Pauley Perrette took a seat at The Talk table. Find out why she has never washed her car and why her back seat is full of socks.

The Talk: Pauley Perrette Bangs

As an expert on bangs, Perrette said that First Lady Michelle Obama’s bangs look great. But she wanted credit for the trend, which she said she started at age two.


She said that she came to the show early, because she was wearing all black and did not want her dogs to get their fur on her clothes before the taping.

The Talk: Pauley Perrette Out of the Closet

The Talk: Pauley Perrette Socks & Out of the Closet Grammy Dress

The Talk and NCIS star Pauley Perrette discussed why the actress never washes her car, why her back seat is full of socks, and her favorite thrift store. (Helga Esteb /

Pauley is a social media ambassador for the Grammys, and she was also an award presenter for the ceremony. But how did she pick her red carpet look?


She chooses her fashions from Out of the Closet, an LA thrift store that funds the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The Talk: Pauley Perrette & Drew Carey

Years ago, Perrette starred in The Drew Carey Show as Drew’s girlfriend. They also both keep in contact at the annual AIDS Walk.

Carey is a former Marine, so Perrette has been campaigning for Carey to appear on NCIS. In the meantime, she had the chance to spin the wheel on The Price Is Right. She spun 100 on the wheel.

Pauley Perrette Celebrity Survivor?

Perrette said that she is a huge fan of Survivor, and The Talk heard that Jeff Probst wants her to appear on a celebrity season of the show.

She said that she would never want to compete on the show, because she knows she could not make it through the competition. But if she found herself in the game, she would prefer to be on the island by herself.

As for Julie Chen’s summer vacation on Big Brother, Perrette knows she could not make it through the competition either, because she likes to be alone, which is impossible in the house.

The Talk: Pauley Perrette Car Wash

Pauley Perrette said that she never washes her car, because she thinks it is a waste of water, especially when LA experiences water shortages.

She also thinks that her car’s grunge and grime makes for a free theft deterrent.

The Talk: Pauley Perrette Socks

She also keeps her back seat piled with new pairs of socks, which she gives out to any homeless people that she runs into.

Pauley recommended handing them to people you see out and about. She also suggested asking them what their names are.

The Talk gave Pauley 100 pairs of socks for her cause.

The Talk: NCIS Season 11

NCIS will return for an 11th season in fall 2013. A future episode features Abby as a little girl. They had to find an actress that looked like her, and they found a young woman who is a dead ringer.

The actress even studied Abby’s mannerisms on the set to get the impersonation down. The March 19 2013 episode of NCIS was directed by co-star Michael Weatherly.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights on CBS.


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