The Talk: Nick Cannon’s Big Surprise, Mariah Carey & Feeding America


The Talk: Nick Cannon

Multi-talented entertainer Nick Cannon was on The Talk. I don’t know how he found the time, between celebrating his wedding, shooting a Showtime special, surprising his grandparents in Nick Cannon’s Big Surprise, and returning as host of America’s Got Talent.

The Talk: Nick Cannon Twins & Mariah Carey Anniversary

The Talk: Nick Cannon's Big Surprise, Mariah Carey & Feeding America

From the E! special Nick Cannon’s Big Surprise, the entertainer was on The Talk to discuss renewing his vows, Mariah Carey on Idol, and Feeding America. (s_bukley /


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey recently renewed their wedding vows on their fifth wedding anniversary. Each year, they come up with a fun way to celebrate. He said it is getting harder to top the annual celebrations.

The couple’s anniversary is the same date as their twins’ birthday, so they make a big deal of it each year. The twins just turned two and the couple celebrated by inviting their family to the vow renewal at Disney World.

Cannon said his son is a “tough guy,” and his daughter is very talkative.


The Talk: Nick Cannon Showtime Special

All bets are off in Nick Cannon’s new Showtime special. He is opening up about parenting and including life with Mariah Carey. The special is shooting in May 2013 and will eventually air on cable.

The Talk: Mariah Carey American Idol

What does Cannon think about the rumored Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud on American Idol? “My wife ain’t got no time for that,” he said, adding that the media has been trumping up their supposed feud.

He said that the drama between the judges is fueled by the network and producers, which is all a distraction from the contestants and their talent.

Mariah Carey is also dropping a new single, called “Beautiful.”

“In the book of Mariah Carey, American Idol will be a footnote,” Cannon predicted.

The Talk: America’s Got Talent Season 8

Cannon said returning to America’s Got Talent for season eight is bittersweet without Sharon Osbourne, who has departed as a judge on the summer show.

Howard Stern and Howie Mandel are back on this season, with new judges Mel B from the Spice Girls and Heidi Klum.

America’s Got Talent kicks off its eighth season Tuesday, June 4 on NBC.

The Talk: Nick Cannon’s Big Surprise

Nick has another special coming out called Nick Cannon’s Big Surprise, which looks back on the influences in his young life.

“My parents and I were raised together by my grandparents,” he said, since his parents were teens when he was born. The special documents a gift he gave back to his grandparents to thank them for their influence.

See the results on his E! special, airing Thursday, May 9.

The Talk: Nick Cannon Feeding America

On Saturday, May 11 2013, you can participate in Feeding America by leaving non-perishable food by your mailbox. Mail carriers will pick up donations on their regular routes throughout the day to help feed people who have trouble getting their next meals.

Cannon also works with the Feeding America charity. How does he find all this time to do so much?


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