The Talk: NCIS Spoilers, Cast Confessions, Red Pages & Season Finale


The Talk: NCIS Cast

The cast of NCIS, TV’s #1 show, spent some time on The Talk to preview the show’s season 10 finale. Five castmates—Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Cote De Pable, and Brian Dietzen—were on hand to share secrets from the set. Did they give away any NCIS spoilers?

The Talk: NCIS Gibbs Investigation

The Talk: NCIS Spoilers, Cast Confessions, Red Pages & Season Finale

On The Talk, the cast of NCIS was tight-lipped about NCIS spoilers for the 10th season finale, but Pauley Perrette explained the show’s “red pages.” (Joe Seer /


What happens when things get personal for the characters? There could be stakes for the characters in the 10th season finale. Gibbs’s career could be on the line because of a Department of Defense investigation.

Mark Harmon said his character is going through a serious investigation and all the characters could be caught in the fallout. Some questions will be answered in the season finale, but expect a few cliffhangers.

The Talk: NCIS Spoilers

Co-star Pauley Perrette said she does not even know how the season finale ends. Only certain cast members receive what she called “red pages,” and she is out of the loop, so she is on pins and needles to find how things will turn out.


Out of the five cast members on The Talk, only Mark Harmon seemed to know what was going on. The scripts are even shredded after they have been filmed. That sounds excessive for a procedural drama.

The Talk: NCIS Red Pages

Michael Weatherly recalled getting “red pages” while filming a previous season finale. He said he flinched on camera because of a last-minute change.

Perrette also said the penalties for sharing spoilers are spelled out in a long legal disclaimer on the front of each script.

Are Weatherly and Cote De Pablo’s characters getting together on NCIS? The actors were tight-lipped about their romantic future as co-stars.

The Talk: NCIS Confessions

To try to get some answers out of the stars, The Talk co-hosts put the NCIS cast through an interrogation. Julie Chen even put on some silly glasses for her role in questioning the “suspects.”

If you’ve been wondering what life is like on the NCIS set, Mark Harmon loves to play pranks on co-star Cote De Pablo. Cote once called her co-star, Weatherly, “rude and unprofessional.”

Pauley Perrette admitted that she got her co-star, Brian Dietzen, to “strip down on camera.” Sheryl Underwood insisted on seeing the man’s abs, which is not an official investigation tactic at all.

But according to the cast, Michael Weatherly has the best legs of the cast members. Instead of showing off his legs, he gave Sharon Osbourne a kiss. These ladies would make a weak detective team.

The 10th season finale of NCIS airs May 14 2013 on CBS.


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