The Talk: Multiple Sclerosis & Race To Erase MS 20th Anniversary Gala


The Talk: Multiple Sclerosis

In 1991, Nancy Davis was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Through her charity, she has raised over $40 million for research into the disease, and she was on The Talk to share the latest about her organization, Race To Erase MS.

The Talk: Jack Osbourne MS


The Talk: Multiple Sclerosis & Race To Erase MS 20th Anniversary Gala

Nancy Davis from Race To Erase MS charity was on The Talk to share advances in research and treatment, as well as the organization’s 20th anniversary gala.

The Talk hosts wore necklaces and T-shirts in support of The Race To Erase MS. Davis connected with Sharon Osbourne in the wake of her son Jack’s 2012 MS diagnosis.

Osbourne wanted to learn how she could help her son, and Davis was happy to help talk her through the initial steps. “If something happens to your child, it’s 10 times worse than if it happens to you,” Davis said.


The Talk: Race To Erase MS Gala

Davis also said it is rare for people in the public eye to come forward about an MS diagnosis. Jack and Sharon were brave about putting themselves out there as examples of people successfully living with MS. It can help to empower people to get help and live full lives.

Erase MSThe 20th annual Race to Gala is set for May 3 2013. The honorees are actually Sharon and Jack, news that got a standing ovation from the studio audience.

Sharon praised Davis for raising millions in support of research to find a cure for the disease. Davis explained that Sharon is receiving a medal of hope for giving hope to others.

The Talk: Multiple Sclerosis Drugs & Diagnosis

Elton John will perform at the star-studded gala, and Davis was excited about the prospects for the event’s fundraising and the organization’s future good works.

A ninth MS drug has recently been approved by the FDA, which is a dramatic change from the time when Davis was diagnosed. Back then, there were no medications on the market for MS.

People ages 20-40 are particularly at risk for an MS diagnosis, and it affects women three times as often as men.


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