The Talk: Monty Hall Returns For Let’s Make A Deal 50th Anniversary


The Talk: Monty Hall

If you grew up on the classic version of Let’s Make A Deal, you know Monty Hall very well. For the game show’s 50th anniversary, Hall is returning on the show’s March 1 2013 episode, with new host Wayne Brady.

The Talk: Let’s Make A Deal

The Talk: Monty Hall Returns For Let's Make A Deal 50th Anniversary

Monty Hall was on The Talk to promote his return for the 50th anniversary episode of the CBS game show Let’s Make A Deal, with current host Wayne Brady. (s_bukley /


Hall received a warm and gracious reception from The Talk audience, who chanted his name for a long while. Julie Chen and the co-hosts were honored to have him as a guest. He is being honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Daytime Emmys.

What is Hall most proud of in his career? He said that his longevity and the fact that he did 6,000 episodes of TV are points of pride. He has also been married for 65 years, which is an impressive achievement as well.

“She never lets me out of her sight,” he said. His wife, Marilyn, is also an Emmy winner for Do You Remember Love?, a program about Alzheimer’s Disease.


The Talk: Monty Hall Pneumonia

Sheryl Underwood said that she met Monty Hall at the Magic Johnson roast at the Friars Club. It seemed to make quite an impression on her.

It is remarkable that he is 91, because he does not look his age. But when he was young, he was scalded and later came down with double pneumonia, a doctor told him that he would not live a long life, and should not expect to survive past age 20.

“On my 20th birthday, I called him, but he was dead,” Hall said.

The Talk: Let’s Make A Deal 50th Anniversary

Did he ever expect that Let’s Make A Deal would endure for as long as it did? He said that the show was tough to get on the air, and they agreed to take a difficult time slot in the beginning. Everything worked out and it became a hit.

The wacky costumes came about as the show evolved, because contestants wanted to be picked out of the audience and get Hall’s attention. Signs gave way to hats, costumes, and celebrity lookalikes. Wild attire soon became the show’s trademark.

The Talk: Monty Hall Vs Wayne Brady

Monty Hall said that he did give Wayne Brady some advice when he took over the gig. He told Brady that he is a strong performer, but you have to show your love for the audience so they know you care about them.

Hall is co-hosting the 50th anniversary of Let’s Make A Deal on CBS this Friday, March 1 2013.


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