The Talk: Michael Chiklis Vegas Director, April Fools & Family


The Talk: Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis has been acting for many years, in roles like The Shield and The Fantastic Four. You can see him Friday nights as gangster Vincent Savino on Vegas. For his interview on The Talk, he wore an Ozzy Osbourne wig, whipping it off in reference to Kristin Chenoweth’s hair reveal on a recent show.


The Talk: Michael Chiklis Marriage

The Talk: Michael Chiklis Vegas Director, April Fools & Family

Michael Chiklis talked The Talk about directing an episode of Vegas, getting pranked by his daughter on April Fools Day, and working with Dennis Quaid. (s_bukley /

Julie Chen and the ladies agreed that Michael Chiklis was pulling off his bald look. His wife has a popular blog, and he said that they got comfortable with one another in their relationship early on.

“Those first embarrassing things happened by mistake,” he admitted, but it sounds like they get along well with one another.


The Talk: Michael Chiklis April Fools

Sharon Osbourne asked about his daughter Autumn’s April Fools joke. Vegas has just finished shooting its first season, and Michael took his wife to Palm Springs for a getaway.

His daughter texted him as soon as their vacation started to say that her wallet had been stolen, and his credit card was in it. After he figured out it was a joke, he had a good laugh, but he is plotting his revenge.

The Talk: Michael Chiklis Father

Chiklis said his father is a complicated man. He is a tough guy who is also a hairdresser. “He is brutally honest,” he said of the man.

That honesty carries over into Michael’s acting roles, which is why he is so glad that his dad likes the show Vegas.

The Talk: Michael Chiklis Auditions

He hails from a small town but moved to New York City after college to pursue acting. On his first day in New York, he went to a special audition day.

He was confronted about his car purchase by a reporter. After the audition, he got a $120 parking ticket. When he punched the hood of his car, the trunk popped open. He learned that his luggage, headshots, and everything else had been stolen.

“In the first hour in New York City, a news crew, a cop, and a robber have been in my car,” he said.

The Talk: Michael Chiklis Vegas

Sheryl Underwood loves Vegas, because she loves everything. The show is settling into its new day and time, Friday nights on CBS. Chiklis said that he thinks the show’s new home is perfect for the audience.

Chiklis also had a chance to direct an episode of Vegas. “You get to tell the story from your perspective,” he said, adding that he had a chance to direct a handful of episodes during The Shield.

He said he had a great time working more closely with the cast and crew of Vegas. The episode he directed airs April 12.

The Talk: Michael Chiklis & Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis showed off their musical chops at the Vegas wrap party, performing favorite songs for the cast and crew as production on the season came to an end.

Prankster Chiklis recalled joking around with his crew on The Shield. Once, they took his clothes out of his trailer and he couldn’t change out of his grungy costume.

The propmaster denies to this day that he stole the actor’s pants.


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