The Talk: Michael Bolton Ain’t No Mountain High Enough & Hitsville USA


The Talk: Michael Bolton Memoir

Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton is a fixture on lite rock radio stations around the world. He is now also an author, and he was on The Talk to share the newest chapter of his life, and his tribute to Hitsville USA.

The Talk: Michael Bolton & Valerie Harper

Michael Bolton expressed his love and support of The Talk guest Valerie Harper. Sharon Osbourne called Harper brave and “an American icon.”


The Talk: Michael Bolton Army Jingle

The Talk: Michael Bolton Ain't No Mountain High Enough & Hitsville USA

On The Talk, Michael Bolton talked about his famous jingles, growing up with the music of Hitsville USA, and reflecting on his life in The Soul Of It All. (Featureflash /

Bolton’s new book, The Soul Of It All, tells the story of his life, including the jobs he had before getting into music. He explained that he got in trouble at a car wash for not drying the cars correctly.


In addition to his music hits, Bolton wrote or sang multiple commercial jingles, including the “Be All That You Can Be” jingle for the US Army.

The Talk: Michael Bolton Female Fans

Sheryl Underwood said Bolton’s voice makes women passionate. She admitted to following him while they were both visiting Turks and Caicos. How does he feel about all the attention he gets from women?

Bolton said it’s weird being so popular with women, because his brother was always thought of as “the good-looking one.”

The Talk: Michael Bolton Hitsville USA

In addition to the book, Bolton has a new CD, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, featuring some of the best songs from Motown that touched him growing up. “It’s also a place in history that will never be repeated,” he said of the Hitsville USA recording studio in Detroit, where Motown was born.

Dozens of careers and #1 hits came out of Hitsville, and Michael’s tribute album includes duets with many modern-day artists. “A lot of people don’t realize a handful of writers wrote the catalog of Motown,” he explained.

The Talk: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Bolton also took the stage to perform “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” with vocalist Kelly Levesque. It’s the title track from Bolton’s latest music release, and the two of them got the entire audience moving with their rendition of the classic song.


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