The Talk: Mario Lopez Fat Baby, HBO Boxing & The X Factor Season 3


The Talk: Mothers Mystery Week

Friday marked the final installment of The Talk’s Mothers Mystery Week. In this segment, the co-hosts questioned Elvia about the identity of her celebrity son. Sheryl Underwood guessed right in less than 10 seconds: it was Mario Lopez! Once again, Sheryl Underwood, if you are reading this, please be on my trivia team.

The Talk: Mario Lopez Mother

The Talk: Mario Lopez Fat Baby, HBO Boxing & The X Factor Season 3

The Talk met Mario Lopez and his mother, who admitted that he was a fat baby. Mario Lopez does announcing for HBO Boxing and will return to The X Factor. (s_bukley /


Mario Lopez brought a basket of flowers and muffins for his mom. He said that he is proud to be a mama’s boy.

“She’s not only been such a great parent, but such a good friend and always there for me in every aspect of my life,” he said. “I owe everything to my mom.”

The Talk: Mario Lopez Fat Baby

Elvia dished about Mario’s childhood as a fat baby, and she even brought a black and white photo of him as a chubby infant. He had just as much hyper energy as a baby as he does now.


He participated in everything from karate and wrestling to dance. Elvia could hardly get a word in edgewise as her son chattered.

The Talk: Mario Lopez Expecting

Now Mario is a father himself, and Elvia is a grandmother. The Lopez family is also expecting another new addition.

“He’s an amazing father,” Elvia said of her son.

He said he is excited to find out the gender of his new baby, who is due in September.

The Talk: Mario Lopez Wedding

Mario and Courtney were married at a ceremony in Mexico, and their young daughter was the flower girl. He called it a great moment in his life.

He said that his wife “wears pregnancy really well,” without having morning sickness or other worries. “I just love the whole process,” he said.

The Talk: The X Factor Season 3

Mario Lopez is returning as host for season 3 of The X Factor in fall 2013. He said there are many changes coming to the show, including new mentors.

He is preparing to hit the road with contestants for the new season. Lopez said he likes that younger and older singers are invited to compete in this show.

The Talk: Mario Lopez HBO Boxing

In the meantime, you can check out Mario Lopez as host of Extra (weeknights; check local listings), and he also has a daily radio show. In his spare time, he is an announcer for HBO Boxing in Las Vegas. He said he and Courtney make it a date night getaway.


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