The Talk: Marie Osmond Hallmark Talk Show & The Key Is Love Review


The Talk: Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond has been in show business for 50 years, and she is one of those people who never can seem to slow down. In addition to her work as an author and a Las Vegas stage show with her brother Donny Osmond, she is also the host of her own Hallmark talk show, Marie.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Las Vegas

How does Marie Osmond keep up with everything she has to do? She said that she tapes about six to eight episodes of her talk show in a three-day period. Then she flies to Las Vegas to perform in her Las Vegas show five nights a week.


Julie Chen said that she saw the Vegas show on Valentine’s Day, and it has recently been voted the best show in Las Vegas. Chen said she was surprised to learn that Marie can sing opera.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Hallmark Talk Show & The Key Is Love Review

The Talk welcomed fellow talk show host Marie Osmond, who talked about her Las Vegas stage show and her upcoming book, The Key Is Love. (Helga Esteb /


She joked that her talents used to be called “versatility, but now it’s called attention deficit disorder.”

The Talk: Marie Osmond Paper Roses

Sharon Osbourne asked about her recent UK performances. Osmond said that she met a man from Scotland a few years ago who said that “Paper Roses” is his soccer team’s theme song.

She visited the team during her recent tour, and even got to meet the mayor. Of course, she performed the song for the gang. She said the team has been claiming the song for years. I guess you never know the life your songs might take on.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Pranks

With her busy schedule, Aisha Tyler wondered whether Marie Osmond ever forgets where she is when she walks out on a stage. Marie said it was more of a problem when she was visiting multiple cities on tour.

She admitted that she does keep notes on her hand, but does forget lyrics now and then. She has been performing with her brother Donny for decades. They have developed a sibling relationship as pranksters through the years.

They have an agreement that they will not ever pull a prank that would ruin the show, but they do all kinds of mean things to one another, such as drowning out the in-ear monitor with bad singing or the sound of a toilet flushing.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Talk Show

In a clip from her new talk show, Marie Osmond learned how to mount a horse, which did not seem to be going very gracefully. She said that years of being a talk show guest have prepared her for being a host.

She said that she enjoyed interviewing Hugh Jackman, among countless other guests. She said that she likes one-on-one conversations that can get surprisingly personal. Marie thinks that approaching interviews from a guest’s perspective helps her ask good questions.

“I’m a curious person. I’ve grown up in this business, and I like to know what makes people tick,” she said.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Daughter Rachel

Marie’s daughter Rachel is a clothing designer, who has put together the costumes for the Las Vegas stage show. Rachel also works behind the scenes on Marie’s daytime talk show.

She also travels with a different one of her children each week, making sure to get in some one-on-one time with each of them.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Married

Two years ago, she remarried her first husband, which is an interesting thing to do. How is their marriage different this time around? “He’s the love of my life,” Marie said. “We are best friends.”

They were apart for 25 years, but once they reconnected, she said that they clicked again instantly.

The Talk: Marie Osmond Son Suicide

Three years ago, Marie Osmond’s son Michael committed suicide. She is talking about living through that experience in her newest book, The Key Is Love.

“I am a woman of great faith. I know I will see my son again,” she said, adding that she put it on paper because it is so difficult to talk about.

The Key Is Love will be released in April 2013. Her talk show, Marie, airs every weekday on the Hallmark Channel, and her stage show is now running at The Flamingo in Las Vegas.


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