The Talk: Lucy Liu Elementary Season 2 In London & Giv Mobile Review


The Talk: Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu from the CBS Sherlock Holmes series Elementary wore a stunning sleeveless nature print dress for her chat on The Talk. She said she thinks floral prints show confidence, just like when men wear pink shirts. “You look like the Chinese Barbie,” Julie Chen said. Lucy and Julie commiserated about growing up with only blonde Barbies. See what the actress had to say about Elementary season 2.

The Talk: Lucy Liu Discovered

The Talk: Lucy Liu Elementary Season 2 In London & Giv Mobile Review

Lucy Liu was on The Talk to explain why you will be seeing Elementary season 2 in London. The star competed to win Giv Mobile phones for the audience. (s_bukley /


Lucy Liu was born and raised in Queens, New York. She told the story of how she was discovered while riding on the subway. She inquired about the agent with the Better Business Bureau, and once he checked out, she pursued the opportunity.

Her resume also included waitressing, working in an ice cream store, teaching aerobics, and even selling T-shirts on the street. She said she started working as a young teen.

“Once you can walk, I guess you better work,” she joked about her family’s philosophy. She also had a bad gig selling overstock merchandise in a discount store.


The Talk: Lucy Liu Elementary Season 2 In London

Elementary is the #1 new TV show of the 2012-13 season, and Liu teased the finale. She promised that the finale will explore Holmes’s connection to the love interest he is always mentioning.

Fans of the books will be intrigued, some questions will be answered, and there is a cliffhanger looming, so be warned.

“It keeps it very interesting and energizes it for the second season,” she said.

The show’s season 2 premiere will be filmed in London, England. But first, the season 1 finale is scheduled for May 16 on CBS.

The Talk: Lucy Liu Heinz Partnership

Liu mentioned her partnership with Heinz, which has a humanitarian program treating iron deficiency and anemia in the developing world. They have created a flavorless powder that can be mixed in with food to help young kids get their dietary needs.

The Talk: Giv Mobile Review

The co-hosts challenged Lucy Liu to put together clues and solve a puzzle so the audience could win a prize. Like in Celebrity or HeadBanz, the co-hosts dressed up as famous people and tried to get Lucy to guess their names. They included Kim Kardashian, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, and even Abraham Lincoln.

Everyone in the audience received three months of Giv Mobile Unlimited Service and an LG Optimus One smartphone. The new Giv Mobile service donates 8% of your monthly bill to a charity of your choice. That’s a really fun idea.


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