The Talk: Love Mentor, Power Pose Technique & It’s Complicated Review


The Talk Takeaway: Relationships

What do you do for Valentine’s Day if your relationship is on the rocks or your love life is dormant? If you are single, divorced, or separated, you could be in for a rough day. That is why The Talk turned to relationship coach Paul Carrick Brunson for advice like the power pose technique.

Paul Carrick Brunson: Change From Within

Paul’s recommendations include acknowledging that change comes from within. With over 100 million single people in the US, a good number of those people are happily single.


But for those who are not, changing your life starts with taking the first steps for yourself. “It’s all about self,” Paul said.

The Talk: Relationship Plan

The Talk: Love Mentor, Power Pose Technique & It's Complicated Review

Relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson shared advice on social media dating, finding a love mentor, and his power pose technique from “It’s Complicated.”


Paul said that we make plans for everything from careers to potty training kids. But people tend to leave romance up to chance, which does not always work out. “Have goals, have a strategy,” he said.

Paul recommended setting goals for meeting new people or going on a date on a certain timeline.

The Talk: Loving Yourself More

“Love is like an oxygen mask on an airplane,” he said. “You have to apply it to yourself before you apply it to the person next to you.”

Loving yourself means you will attract more positive potential mates and avoid some of the unwanted folks in the dating pool.

Another tip is to surround yourself with better people, who inspire you and encourage you to become better. Paul suggested dropping friends that detract from your quality of life and pursuit of your wants and goals.

The Talk: Social Media Dating

You can also use social media to improve your odds and deepen the dating pool. Online dating is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but remember that the online element just facilitates introductions. If you meet someone interesting on a dating or networking site, you can always meet them in person.

The Talk: Find A Love Mentor

If you want to succeed in love, find someone you know who has a healthy relationship that you admire. Connect with that person and find out what makes relationships work for them. This is another example of how we take advice in other areas of our lives and should be open to romantic input as well.

The Talk: Power Pose Technique

Paul Carrick Brunson also advised performing his Power Pose Technique to exude confidence and attract love. According to a Harvard study, powerful poses cause a chemical reaction in the brain, leading to greater success in everything from job interviews to presentations and even dates.

Paul and the women from The Talk demonstrated some of their own favorite Power Pose techniques, and you can always practice yours at home. It seems like whatever makes you feel confident will make the difference for you.

The Talk: It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have To Be) Review

On Valentine’s Day or anytime, you can get more advice from Paul in his relationship advice book, It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have To Be).


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