The Talk: Linda Gray Gratitude Walk, Larry Hagman & Who Shot J.R.?


The Talk: Linda Gray

As Sue Ellen, Linda Gray has been through it all on the primetime soap Dallas. Now Sue Ellen is the old guard in a revival of the popular franchise. She talked The Talk about her late co-star and friend Larry Hagman and her daily ritual of the Gratitude Walk.

The Talk: Linda Gray Cat

Linda Gray has just finished filming season 2 of the show, and she has arrived back home in Los Angeles. What does she take with her when she is away from home for a long time?


She travels with her 16-year-old cat, Dugu. Gray was terrified that he would get away from her when going through airport security, but he seemed to take the whole thing well.

The Talk: Linda Gray Gratitude Walk, Larry Hagman & Who Shot J.R.?

Linda Gray reflected on the tumultuos second season of Dallas and the death of co-star and longtime friend Larry Hagman. (Featureflash /

She also takes her computer with her to keep in touch with her family via video chat. Her 10-year-old grandson gets very excited about showing her things like his shoes or the ceiling fan on his webcam.


The Talk: Linda Gray Gratitude Walk

Gray still looks great after all these years, and the ladies could not resist asking for her beauty secrets. But she turned the compliment back on the hosts. “With everyone out there now, you know what to do,” she said.

She does take a Gratitude Walk every morning, walking as long as she can to appreciate everything she has in her life. “I think it’s important that we have gratitude for the things that we have,” Gray said.

The Talk: Larry Hagman Memorial

Late in 2012, everyone was shocked to learn that Larry Hagman, Linda’s longtime friend and co-star, passed away around Thanksgiving.

They just recently reunited for the Dallas revival, but they had kept in touch through the years. Gray said that the actor never slowed down, and she thought of him as the pied piper.

Larry Hagman was a great prankster, and Gray said that he was not afraid of death. She said that he loved worked and relished his role as J.R. Ewing.

“He died doing what he loved to do, which is what everybody wishes for,” she said.

The Talk: Larry Hagman’s Last Days

Sheryl Underwood was in tears during the interview as Gray recalled Hagman’s last days. Gray and Patrick Duffy visited Hagman in the hospital right before Thanksgiving, and he told them he was going to die within two weeks.

Gray brushed off the news, talking about future plans and their upcoming work schedule. “We spent two hours, without a nurse or anybody, just reminiscing, laughing, giggling, telling great jokes,” she said.

When she and Duffy left the hospital, she felt that he would make it through. Unfortunately, he did not, but he got the chance to say goodbye to his longtime friends and close family members, who were in town for the holiday.

The Talk: J.R. Ewing Funeral

Before Hagman passed away, Gray said she had heard rumors that J.R. and Sue Ellen’s characters were due to reconcile. “It would have been a lovely thing,” she said, but because of the actor’s death, it ended up not happening.

The show engineered an incredible farewell episode for Hagman, with Gray’s character delivering a powerful performance while reading a letter from J.R. at his gravesite.

A tearful Gray recalled that they filmed the scene shortly after Hagman’s passing. She appreciated that the cast and crew stepped up to give him a special sendoff. She ended up having to do the scene six times, which sounds like it was emotionally wrenching.

The Talk: Who Shot J.R.?

Sheryl Underwood recalled the big cliffhanger of who shot J.R. That mystery was part of the cultural conversation and buzz surrounding the original Dallas.

Now it has happened again in the Dallas reboot, in an effort to write J.R. out of the show in an organic way. Gray said the answer to who shot J.R. this time will be revealed on the Dallas season finale.

Check out the two-hour season 2 finale of Dallas, airing April 15 2013 on TNT. Season 1 of Dallas is now available on Netflix.


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