The Talk: Lily Tomlin Ernestine Wig, Cheerleading & Admission Review


The Talk: Lily Tomlin

For nearly five decades, Lily Tomlin has been playing hilarious roles in everything from Laugh-In to 9 to 5. Now she is back on the big screen as Tina Fey’s mother in Admission, and she visited The Talk to share some smiles.

The Talk: Defense Of Marriage Act


Lily Tomlin has been in a relationship with her partner, Jane, for 42 years as of March 31. Tomlin said the prospect of gay marriage is a thrilling thing to witness.

One of her friends was a Supreme Court clerk years ago in a case about discrimination against women. She is still serving the court and Lily said that means she may be witness to another historic moment.

Tomlin said that she has been engaged by the stories of couples who are fighting for rights. Aisha Tyler said the anti-gay marriage arguments are the same points that were used against interracial marriage in years past.


The Talk: Lily Tomlin’s Brother

The Talk: Lily Tomlin Ernestine Wig, Cheerleading & Admission Review

Lily Tomlin was on The Talk to explain how wigs help her create characters like Ernestine, show off her cheerleading moves, and talk about her brother. (Helga Esteb /

Lily Tomlin grew up in Detroit, and her formative years are the basis for a lot of her humor. Her brother played to the beat of a different drum, acquiring a smoking jacket and showing off his own style, even though they lived in a rough neighborhood.

The brother also sawed the family’s couch into multiple pieces to create his own sectional furniture. He also hung sheer curtains in the window and would drink water from a martini glass. I guess he had a sense of his style even at a young age.

By age 18, her brother went to Est and had a philosophical awakening, and decided to send an intimate photo of himself to all their family members.

The Talk: Lily Tomlin Cheerleading

Years ago, Tomlin was the co-captain of her high school cheerleading squad. She said that she still remembers the cheers, and to prove it, she got up and performed one of them during the show.

Tomlin still remembered all the words and was very spry in performing the routine. She has been staying in good shape…maybe she should star in a movie about mature cheerleaders.

The Talk: Lily Tomlin Admission Review

Her Admission co-star Tina Fey recently called Lily Tomlin one of the first women to cross from comedy into movie stardom. Tomlin said she never realized she could not go into movies, so she just went for it.

Tomlin’s characters have employed a lot of wigs through the years, and she has another one for her role in Admission. “To me, if I select it right, it’s a culture type,” she said of how the wig helps her create a character.

Admission is now in theaters.

The Talk: Lily Tomlin Ernestine

She talked about choosing a ‘40s-style wig for Ernestine, because the character thought she was so beautiful.

On Malibu Country, Tomlin wears a white wig to play Reba McEntire’s mother. She named her character after her mother, and she said that her mother also had white hair.

Tomlin’s character Ernestine was once a guest on The Tonight Show with host Johnny Carson. Her brother and his friends even dressed as Ernestine’s fan club and sat in the audience.

These days, Ernestine works for a health insurance company as a claims adjuster. “When they run my obituary, they’ll run a picture of Ernestine,” she predicted.



  1. Rochelle Gleason Stockman says

    On Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, Lily Tomlin did three characters, yet we hear only about two of them, Edith Ann and Ernestine. She was also \Suzie\ the cheerleader. I say Suzie because I cannot recall the name for sure. I loved her cheerleader routines–sometimes racy for my young ears. I liked the DOLLAR routine. Where would I find that and why don’t people speak of it. Was it part of her contract to never discuss it?

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