The Talk: Kunal Nayyar First Kiss & Big Bang Theory Raj Grasshopper


The Talk: Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar is one of the stars of TV’s #1 comedy, The Big Bang Theory. He visited The Talk for a conversation about the popular show, on which he plays Raj.

The Talk: Kunal Nayyar New Delhi

Kunal Nayyar came to the US from New Delhi to study business. Now he stars in TV’s top sitcom. He sat down with the panel, including guest co-host Cameron Mathison.


He said that he keeps picking up random affectations, such as calling people “boss,” which start as a joke but then become ingrained annoying habits. He has also picked up the habit of saluting people.

The Talk: Kunal Nayyar First Kiss

The Talk: Kunal Nayyar First Kiss & Big Bang Theory Raj Grasshopper

From The Big Bang Theory, actor Kunal Nayyar talked The Talk about his character’s signature drink, the Grasshopper, and how he got his first kiss. (s_bukley /

Kunal came to America at age 18 after growing up in New Delhi. He said that he went to an all-boys high school, and watched American Pie before traveling to the United States.


He said that dating was a lot more complex in India, involving groups and planning. But in America, girls were much more affectionate but thought of him like a brother.

Nayyar did not get his first kiss until Thanksgiving break, when everyone else in the dorms was home for the holiday weekend. After a slow dance and a kiss, the girl started crying because Kunal is a Hindu.

The Talk: Kunal Nayyar Married

He did eventually find someone who liked the whole package, marrying Neha Kapur in 2011. He said that the first year of marriage is intense, like freshman year in college. But as it goes on, you start to think smarter and make things easier on yourself.

“I’m getting wiser about listening and saying yes,” he admitted. Even the small fights bring them closer, he said, adding that he was lucky to marry “the right person.”

The couple’s dog, Boba, has a special talent: he looks just like Justin Bieber when he pouts. A side-by-side picture comfirmed the resemblance.

The Talk: Big Bang Theory Raj Grasshopper

In the world of The Big Bang Theory, Raj is preparing for a proper first date, after his potential girlfriend escaped from a bathroom window. The relationship might be on the right track, despite each character’s personal flaws.

Is it hard for Kunal to play drunk as an actor? He said that for him it is about body language, such as leaning and slow blinking. He said that his character derives bravado from drinking.

But what is he really drinking on the set? Since his character’s favorite drink is a Grasshopper, the concoction is water, cream, and green food coloring.

The Talk: Big Bang Theory Raj Underwear

Recently, Raj spent most of an episode in his underwear, because he was having an emotional breakdown. He said that they made him wear two pairs of flesh-colored underwear under the white briefs in the episode, in part to create the impression of love handles.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS.


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