The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth Hairpiece & Family Weekend Review


The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth

From Broadway to TV and movies, everybody loves Kristin Chenoweth, who stars in a new movie called Family Weekend. The pint-sized pip was a guest on The Talk, for a Family Weekend review and real talk about hairpieces.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth White Trash Cookies

It was Kristin’s first visit to The Talk, and she had a director, Richard Jay, in common with guest host Donny Osmond. Aisha Tyler and Kristin joked about trading bodies.


Kristin said that she is working to improve her diet, but in the meantime she shared her Cheno-White Trash Cookies with the hosts. It was a cookie sandwich with vanilla icing.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth Hairpiece & Family Weekend Review

From the new movie Family Weekend, Kristin Chenoweth showed off her hairpiece and shared insights about her singing talents on a visit to The Talk. (Joe Seer /

She also shared her No Calorie Left Behind Pie, with whipping cream and Butterfinger filling. Maybe she should have done the day’s cooking segment as well.


Chenoweth offered to try vegan versions of these desserts if Sara Gilbert wanted to come up with them.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth & Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been in the news lately, getting negative attention and backlash from moviegoers and the media. Kristin said that she, like Anne, is a positive person and sometimes people assume that attitude has to be fake.

She explained that being a positive person doesn’t mean you never wake up in a bad mood or have bad days. But on the Oscars red carpet, she and Anne Hathaway had a nice moment amid all the chaos of the evening.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth Singing Voice

Kristin has an amazing voice, as you know if you have heard her sing. She studied classical piano and chose to have a fun childhood before pursuing her music career as a college student.

One of her voice instructors instructed her to “sing from your hoo-hoo,” breathing as deeply as you possibly can.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth Family Weekend Review

In the new movie Family Weekend, Chenoweth plays an unlikable character, a career mom who does not focus on her family’s needs. She said it is a gender role reversal, because her husband stays at home with the kids. Spoiler alert: the movie has a happy ending.

She spends some scenes tied up and has her mouth duct taped. That meant she had to rip a lot of duct tape off her lips every day during filming. It led to some funny scenes, because every now and then they would forget about her between takes.

Family Weekend is now in theaters and on demand.

The Talk: Kristin Chenoweth Bad Hair Day

“White girls are just getting on the hair train,” Kristin said of her new approach to hair. More and more women are using hair pieces to enhance their natural locks. Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood said that they understand exactly what she is learning for the first time.

In solidarity, Julie Chen, Kristin, and Aisha took out parts of their clip-in hair and twirled it around. After some cajoling, even Sheryl took off her wig.


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