The Talk: Kellan Lutz Java Heat Review, Stage Fright & Mother Karla


The Talk: Mothers Mystery Week

The co-hosts met another star’s mom for Mothers Mystery Week. They figured out that Karla’s child was not Kristin Chenoweth, though she did bear a resemblance. Her son is a single, childless TV and film actor. Before time ran out, the hosts did not come up with Kellan Lutz.

The Talk: Kellan Lutz Mother

The Talk: Kellan Lutz Java Heat Review, Stage Fright & Mother Karla

From the new movie Java Heat, Kellan Lutz was The Talk’s surprise Mother’s Day guest, along with his mother Karla Pope, who said he once had stage fright. (Joe Seer /


Aisha Tyler gushed, because she said she is a huge Kellan Lutz fan who has seen every Twilight movie. Lutz said he feels like he does not get to see his mother enough.

“She is my rock, she’s my salvation, she’s my angel,” he said, comparing her to Wonder Woman.

He said his mom was great for homework help and support while he and his siblings were juggling extracurricular activities.


The Talk: Kellan Lutz Stage Fright

Karla Pope revealed that Kellan got stage fright in a church production at age four. I guess it’s a good thing that he got over those jitters.

In his defense, Kellan said he freaked out because he thought his young co-star had cooties. It sounds like he and his family bounced around a lot when Kellan was growing up.

The Talk: Kellan Lutz Java Heat Review

Kellan was a model before getting into acting. He got his start at age 14, thanks to a classmate. Now he has found his passion, being in front of the camera.

Lutz is also known for his action roles, and he stars in the upcoming movie Java Heat. The script is a throwback to buddy cop movies from the 1980s, in which he and a Japanese officer are on the hunt for a jewel thief and terrorist.

Sheryl Underwood was just excited that Lutz has his shirt off in the new movie. There is absolutely no one in the world that Sheryl won’t hit on. Java Heat opens in theaters May 10 2013.


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