The Talk: Kathy Griffin Calm Down Gurrl Special & Boyfriend Randy Bick


The Talk: Kathy Griffin

Outspoken comedian Kathy Griffin knows how to make a spectacle of herself. That’s why the ladies (and the censors) are always on high alert when she visits The Talk. Her upcoming standup special is called Calm Down Gurrl.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin & Fred Stoller

The Talk: Kathy Griffin Calm Down Gurrl Special & Boyfriend Randy Bick

Kathy Griffin discussed her latest standup comedy special, Calm Down Gurrl, and life with boyfriend Randy Bick, during her chat with the women of The Talk. (Helga Esteb /


Kathy had all kinds of great dish about the stars. She recalled that comedian Fred Stoller claims he had an intimate encounter with Griffin in the ‘90s, after which she asked to punch him in the face. She said she doesn’t remember doing it, but admitted that anything is possible.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin & Reese Witherspoon

Kathy said she thought Reese Witherspoon’s mugshot was demure, and appreciated seeing the A-list star knocked off her pedestal. She suggested that Reese could have revamped her image with the incident and turned into a bad girl.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin Boyfriend

After a few years on the singles scene, Griffin has now been with her boyfriend, Randy Bick, for a year and a half. She said that she spends so much time around women and gay men that it was hard for her to adjust to his love of football.


“I’ve built a woman cave in my house,” she said, where she can escape to watch Lifetime movies and not have to hear about sports scores.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin & Robert Redford

Griffin got to rub elbows with Robert Redford at a celebrity event, and she was wowed by the experience. She heard he was arriving at the party, so she made sure to run into him in the lobby. It sounds like the two got along very well.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin Calm Down Gurrl

Kathy Griffin is currently touring and performing standup, and soon will be performing at the Dolby Theater, where the Academy Awards are held. The stars she makes fun of will have been on that stage.

Her latest standup special, Kathy Griffin: Calm Down Gurrl, premieres June 4 2013 on Bravo. She will be taking aim at “everyone from Lindsey Graham to Lindsay Lohan” in the standup special.

The Talk: Kathy Griffin’s Mother Maggie

As a dog person, she said she has trouble taking her dogs on the road, but her 92-year-old mother is a capable sitter.

Maggie Griffin missed out on a trip to wine country when her daughter was performing there. Kathy explained that’s because her mom doesn’t like to travel very much now that she is getting older. She would prefer that people visit her at home, like the Pope. When you’re 92, I think you can make your own rules.


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