The Talk: Jorja Fox How I Became An Elephant & CSI Season 13


The Talk: Jorja Fox

For over a decade, Jorja Fox has starred on the world’s most-watched TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She talked about her earlier days and her other recent project, How I Became An Elephant, on The Talk.

The Talk: Jorja Fox Paris Vacation

Jorja Fox said that she has had a lot of bad vacations, including several bouts of food poisoning. She visited Europe with her family as a teenager, and they accidentally left their grandmother at the wrong terminal on their way to Paris. Has anything like that ever happened to you?


The Talk: Jorja Fox Modeling

The Talk: Jorja Fox How I Became An Elephant & CSI Season 13

From CSI, actress and producer Jorja Fox talked about her other recent passion project, the documentary How I Became An Elephant, coming in April 2013. (s_bukley /

In her late teens, Fox moved to Italy in an attempt to become a model. That is how she almost ended up homeless. She and another model went through their modest stipend very quickly, and eventually she moved in with a student for a few weeks.

Eventually, she found work and moved into an apartment with several other older female models. She said that it was a lot of fun to travel and meet women from all over the world.


The Talk: Jorja Fox CSI Season 13

Back in 2000, Jorja Fox landed a role that defined her career as Sara on CSI. The show is wrapping up its 13th season, and she said this type of success is the antithesis of what actors are prepared for.

In season 12, Ted Danson joined the show, and Fox said that he is always entertaining on the set. Fox appreciated his decades of experience, and she said he is great at building an instant rapport with fellow actors.

CSI airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

The Talk: How I Became An Elephant

A couple years ago, Fox produced a documentary about a Southern California girl who traveled to Thailand to rescue an elephant. The message is pursuing your passion and making a difference. For the girl in the movie, her passion was wildlife.

How I Became An Elephant is being released worldwide on April 23 2013.


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