The Talk: Jorge Cruise The 100 Review

Jorge Cruise, author of The 100: Count Only Sugar Calories And Lose Up To 18 Lbs. In 2 Weeks, says that they key to effective weight loss is not just counting calories, but watching our sugar calorie intake, and he came on The Talk to expand a little more on that concept.

The Talk: The Proper Way To Count Sugar Calories

The Talk: Jorge Cruise The 100 Review & How To Count Sugar Calories

Dietician Jorge Cruise showed us how sugar calories are hidden in a lot of foods.

Jorge Cruise said that the big dietary research coming out of universities such as Harvard right now are suggesting that not all calories are created equally, which is a big thing. The science is showing that calories that come from carbohydrates and sugar are the ones we have to watch out for, and that other ones don’t need to be considered as much.

Using this train of thought, Jorge Cruise showed us the correct way to count calories by pointing out that need to look at not just sugar on nutrition labels, but the carbohydrates as well. To see how many calories in any given food item come from carbs, you need to take the amount of carbs and multiply it by four. For example, a piece of bread with 10g carbs has 40 calories from carbs.

The Talk: Hidden Sugars In Food

A lot of hidden sugars in food come from foods like whole wheat breads, which can have as many as 176 calories from sugars per serving, couscous, which can have 79 sugar calories per serving, and even black beans, which can have 92 sugar calories per serving.

After dumping some bad news on us, he showed us a scrumptious breakfast composed of a flax muffin, coffee with half and half creamer, eggs, and bacon that had no sugar calories in it. For lunch, he grilled cheese sandwiches on almond-flour bread. This also had no sugar calories. For dinner, Jorge Cruse showed us fried chicken that was coated with coconut flour.

Finally, for dessert, Jorge Cruise mixed ricotta cheese, vanilla extract, a little bit of Stevia, an herb, and mix it all together with cocoa powder. This little treat, Jorge Cruse said, is better than ice cream, and it had no sugar calories.

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