The Talk: Jordana Brewster Dallas Season 2 & Larry Hagman Eulogy


The Talk: Jordana Brewster

Actress Jordana Brewster is making herself at home as a member of the family on the new TNT version of the primetime soap Dallas. She is holding her own against co-stars like Jesse Metcalfe, and she made a visit to The Talk.

The Talk: Jordana Brewster Catholic School

The Talk: Jordana Brewster Dallas Season 2 & Larry Hagman Eulogy

From season 2 of the TNT reboot Dallas, actress Jordana Brewster talked about her childhood and her chance to work on the TNT show with Larry Hagman. (Helga Esteb /


Brewster spent a lot of years growing up outside the US. She said that it gave her the perspective of an outsider, which has been useful to her as an actress.

She moved at one point from Brazil to New York, and said it was quite a culture shock for her. Brewster landed in a Catholic school, where the nuns measured students’ skirts.

The Talk: Maria Brewster Model

Jordana Brewster’s mother, Maria, was a swimsuit model. She got Jordana interested in fitness at a young age, and the actress said she used to sneak into gyms and workout classes instead of clubs as a teen. Her favorite type of exercise was step class.


The Talk: Jordana Brewster Dallas

The TNT reboot of Dallas is currently in its second season. But recently, legendary actor Larry Hagman passed away. Brewster said it is still remarkable to watch him in the scenes and episodes he shot before his passing.

“He just had countless amounts of energy, and he loved doing what he did, so I feel very blessed that I got to hang out with him,” she said.

Hagman’s death was written into the series in a memorial episode. Meanwhile, Brewster is still working alongside original co-stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, who gave the eulogy in the show.

The Talk: New Version of Dallas

Jordana Brewster was born during the heyday of the original Dallas series, so she missed out on the hype and excitement of those years. Now she is helping to tell the stories for a new generation.

The series is a continuation of the show’s stories, which invites old fans and new audiences into the soapy storylines. What’s in store in the final episodes of the season?

Brewster promised bloody scenes and cameos from familiar faces in the episodes to come. Dallas airs Monday nights on TNT.


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