The Talk: Joe Manganiello True Blood Season 6 & Ozzy Osbourne Trivia


The Talk: Joe Manganiello

From True Blood to Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello has been drawing fans everywhere he goes. He was on The Talk to discuss his status as eye candy, True Blood season 6, and face off against Mrs. O in some Ozzy Osbourne trivia.

The Talk: Joe Manganiello Bodyguard

The Talk: Joe Manganiello True Blood Season 6 & Ozzy Osbourne Trivia

Joe Manganiello shared a preview of True Blood season 6 and took on Mrs. O in Ozzy Osbourne trivia. (Helga Esteb /


Joe Manganiello’s first Hollywood job was as as a bodyguard. He had been cast in Spider-Man, but had to wait six months for production to begin. In the meantime, he worked for Tyrese as a bodyguard.

“You’re kind of a fly on the wall, and you get to observe and you get to learn,” he said. He learned what he did not want to do and how he did not want to act if he ever got his big break.

The Talk: Joe Manganiello True Blood Season 6

Manganiello may be best known for his role as a werewolf in True Blood. This season, Alcide is the leader of the werewolf pack, taking on a responsibility he never wanted in the past.


As for romance, his relationship remains open-ended, but I bet that won’t be the case for long. A sixth season of True Blood kicks off in June 2013 on HBO.

The Talk: Joe Manganiello Magic Mike

What convinced Joe Manganiello to take on his eye candy role in Magic Mike? He worked with Chris Rock on the What To Expect When You’re Expecting movie, who became a life and career mentor for him.

“Buy the Porsche now,” Rock advised him on relationships and future family plans.

As for Magic Mike, Rock told Manganiello not to worry about taking another role that would require him to take his shirt off. As Rock noted, it worked out fine for Brad Pitt all these years.

The Talk: Joe Manganiello Feet

Joe Manganiello showed off his big hands and feet to the amused panel of women on The Talk. To get things back on track, Sara Gilbert brought up Joe’s appreciation for the music of Ozzy Osbourne. He even brought along his vinyl copy of Bark at the Moon.

Joe Vs Mrs O: Stripdown Showdown

The team put Joe to the test by making him face off against Sharon Osbourne in some Ozzy Osbourne trivia. Julie chen even put on an Ozzy wig to moderate the competition.

If you got a question right, you get a point. But if you get it wrong or lose the question, you have to remove an item of clothing. I think it’s safe to say that no one wants to see Sharon Osbourne getting undressed on TV.

The Talk: Bath & Body Works Review

Joe was playing for a signed Ozzy Osbourne prize package. Plus, if he won, everyone in the audience would get a $100 Bath & Body Works gift certificate.

The Talk: Ozzy Osbourne Trivia

See how you score on these questions from the game.

  • What was Black Sabbath’s original name?
  • What was the name of Ozzy’s first solo album?
  • Name the song that earned Ozzy his first Grammy Award.
  • Black Sabbath is a reference to a 1963 horror film starring which famous actor?
  • Name one song that Metallica performed at Black Sabbath’s rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony.
  • On the cover of Ozzy’s album Speak of the Devil, what tattoo is visible on his chest?
  • The last Black Sabbath album that featured all the original members was called Never Say Die. What year was it released?

Answers: Earth; The Blizzard of Ozz; “I Don’t Want To Change The World”; Boris Karloff; “Iron Man”; dragon; 1978.


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