The Talk: Jerry O’Connell Ice Cream Scooping Contest & Scary Movie 5


The Talk: Jerry O’Connell

From Stand By Me to Joe’s Apartment and now Scary Movie 5, Jerry O’Connell is not afraid to put himself through the wringer. This time, he gets punched by Mike Tyson, and he was on The Talk to have a good time with the hosts, including an ice cream scooping contest.

The Talk: Jerry O’Connell Scary Movie 5


In Scary Movie 5, Jerry O’Connell said that he is part of a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. He plays Christian Grey in the parody, and he keeps Mike Tyson on hand to help him with his desires.

He was instructed to just improvise insults and yell them at Mike Tyson to get him to throw a punch. They did many, many takes, and he didn’t know where the line was that might send Tyson over the edge.

The Talk: Jerry O'Connell Ice Cream Scooping Contest & Scary Movie 5

The Talk had an ice cream scooping contest between guest Jerry O’Connell and host Julie Chen; O’Connell talked about Scary Movie 5 and his family. (Featureflash /


O’Connell tried to refuse doing a Tyson impression, but ultimately he caved to the audience. Scary Movie 5 opens in theaters April 12 2013.

The Talk: Jerry O’Connell Family

Meanwhile at home, Jerry O’Connell’s wife, Rebecca Romijn is taking shooting and combat lessons to prepare for a new TNT TV series she is working on. Now he feels like he has to be on good behavior at home, because he knows she could beat him up with skill and precision.

The couple’s twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, are now four years old. They like to pose for photos while picking their noses, and they also enjoy building princess characters on the computer.

The Talk: Jerry O’Connell Disney World

The family went to Disney World and went to a brunch with all the Disney Princesses from the cast. But the girls were overwhelmed and hid under the table. That does have to be frustrating as a parent, when you spend a lot of money on something your kids won’t enjoy.

The Talk: Jerry O’Connell Ice Cream

At age 12, O’Connell appeared in Stand By Me. He was an overweight child, and he enjoyed snacking on ice cream when he worked an odd job at an ice cream parlor. But these days, he is obviously in great shape.

The Talk: Chen & Jerry’s Ice Cream

The Talk hosts put former ice cream scooper Jerry to the test against Julie Chen in their game, Chen & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Julie worked on a team with Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood. Jerry O’Connell teamed with co-hosts Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne.

The Talk Ice Cream Scooping Contest

Julie and Jerry had to scoop ice cream for their teams. Aisha and Sara were the runners for their teams. Sharon and Sheryl had to try to hold as many ice cream cones as they could. Who would win this fast-paced competition?

Sharon got creative and stuffed cones in her shirt pocket, while Sheryl stacked the cones on top of each other. Jerry’s team came up with 15, but Julie’s team won the game, with over 20 cones.

The Talk: Bio Ionic 1” Freestyle Styling Iron Review

Everyone in the studio audience got to take home a Bio Ionic 1” Freestyle Styling Iron.


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