The Talk: Jeff Probst Stranded Review & Survivor Caramoan Premiere


The Talk: Jeff Probst

Survivor returns again this spring for another round of backstabbing and intrigue, and its host, Jeff Probst, talked The Talk about another season in exile. He also shared his new children’s fiction book, Stranded.

The Talk: Survivor Fans Vs Favorites

In a new Fans Vs Favorites season, 20 Survivor contestants will face off for games of mental and physical endurance, including returning player Phillip, seen in a clip from the series.


The Talk: Jeff Probst Stranded Review & Survivor Caramoan Premiere

Jeff Probst talked about the premiere of Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites, as well finding inspiration in his blended family for the book Stranded. (RoidRanger /

Jeff Probst is once again hosting Survivor, and it has been about four years since the last Fans Vs Favorites season. “It is truly unpredictable. There’s a couple things that have never happened,” he said of the long-running series.

The Talk: Jeff Probst Survivor Twists

He said that the unexpected nature of the gameplay and the unscripted structure of the show allows the contestants to keep even producers guessing with twists and strategic moves. The 10 fans chosen for this season were picked because they looked up to particular past contestants.


But the adoration or idolization of past contestants and Survivor legends could lead to some fans’ downfall. Probst said he still loves hosting the show, but it is hard to be away from his family. The show films two seasons back-to-back, which means he is on location for about three and a half months.

The Talk: Jeff Probst Survivor Caramoan

He praised his wife for keeping the family going while he is away, and said that they stay connected via Skype. The co-hosts agreed that Sharon Osbourne would not fare well in the Survivor competition.

Jeff explained that he had to be tethered to a climber to shoot the remarkable opening shot from the top of a tall and narrow rock. He said that you have to believe you will be fine to manage your nerves and get those great shots.

Survivor: Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites premieres February 13 2013 and airs Wednesdays on CBS.

The Talk: Jeff Probst Stranded Review

When Jeff married his wife Lisa, she came along with two young kids. That’s what inspired him to write a fictional story targeted at blended families, based in part on his adventures in many seasons of Survivor. The book is called Stranded and it is available now.


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