The Talk: Jami Gertz The Neighbors Review, Seinfeld & Square Pegs


The Talk: Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz is back on TV this season in the new otherworldly comedy The Neighbors on ABC. She sat down on The Talk with guest co-host Marie Osmond, whom Gertz called “the hardest working woman in show business.”

The Talk: Kelly Osbourne Seizure

The Talk: Jami Gertz The Neighbors Review, Seinfeld & Square Pegs

Jami Gertz came on The Talk to discuss her new family comedy, The Neighbors, and the otherworldly cast of characters, as well as her past TV appearances. (Helga Esteb /


Jami Gertz said her mother taught her a lesson: “you’re only as happy as your least happiest child.” This was in reference to Sharon Osbourne, whose daughter Kelly was in the hospital following a seizure in March 2013.

Jami Gertz and her TV family live next door to some characters. She remembered growing up and knowing which neighbors to befriend or avoid. But it sounds like almost everyone on The Neighbors is a little out there.

The Talk: The Neighbors Aliens

The family finds itself amidst some strange neighbors, who seem to be aliens. Sheryl Underwood loved the characters, who named themselves after professional athletes.


“What we realize is that they’re aliens who have been stuck on planet Earth…and they can’t get back to their planet,” Gertz said.

That puts my concerns about my neighbors in perspective, I guess. Is there something you just could not put up with from someone who lived next door? Tell me in the comments.

The Talk: Jami Gertz Seinfeld

If The Talk co-hosts ever guest star on The Neighbors, Sharon volunteered to play Dorothy Hamill on the show, and Julie said she could be Michelle Kwan.

Jami Gertz is also the woman behind a famous line from Seinfeld: “I can’t spare a square spare.” She recalled the wonderful time she had working on the set of that classic show.

The Talk: Jami Gertz Square Pegs

Gertz also co-starred in Square Pegs with Sarah Jessica Parker back in the 1980s. She told a story about driving Bill Murray’s convertible off the set one day. “I believe there was a police pursuit,” she said of her trip to In & Out Burger with the actor.

The Neighbors is on Wednesday nights on ABC.


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