The Talk: Jackie Collins Strong Women, The Power Trip & Writing Advice


The Talk: Jackie Collins

Bestselling author Jackie Collins made another appearance on The Talk, this time in support of her latest 29th novel. She sat with guest co-host Michael Chiklis and the ladies to talk about her latest project.

The Talk: Jackie Collins Power Trip Review

The Talk: Jackie Collins Strong Women, The Power Trip & Writing Advice

On The Talk, Jackie Collins discussed strong women as characters, the plot of her latest book, The Power Trip, and writing advice she applies in her life. (Joe Seer /


The latest book is The Power Trip, which follows “the maiden voyage of a billionaire’s yacht,” according to Michael Chiklis. What inspired the plot of the story?

Jackie said that she did get the chance to research the book by vacationing on a private yacht. She talked with the captain about the prospect of being stranded alone in the ocean with hours between your boat and any shore.

What would happen if pirates took over the ship? Now you have the beginnings of a plot, and she peppered it with caricatures of celebrities Collins has probably encountered through the years.


The Talk: Jackie Collins Writing Advice

Collins said that she draws the essences of stars into composites of wealthy characters. How does she sustain her ideas and narratives over the course of more than two dozen novels?

Jackie Collins said that it takes her about a year to write a book, and she does it all in longhand, which gives me hand cramps to even think about. She said that she loves her characters while she is writing them.

The Talk: Jackie Collins Romantic Advice

Sheryl Underwood was particularly excited about the steamy romance in her books. She said that she has the choice to create the characters however she would like them, and she uses music to fuel her writing inspiration.

She said that she uses different styles and genres of music to set the mood as she is writing. She even created a playlist of what she listened to while writing, which readers can listen to as they read the book. That’s a great idea, and I wish more authors would try it.

The Talk: Jackie Collins Strong Women

Jackie said that her opening scene in the book involved, as Michael Chiklis put it, “coming and going at the same time.” She said she had the imagery but did not yet know the characters at the beginning.

Since she writes strong female characters, she hopes that it sets a positive example. Collins said she loves writing them in romantic situations as well.

Have you read Jackie Collins before? What do you think about her approach to writing?


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