The Talk: Jack Osbourne Fuse News & Nat Geo Wild Alpha Dogs Review


The Talk: Jack Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne’s son, Jack Osbourne, was on The Talk, but Sharon was not on the show for the interview. Instead, Arsenio Hall and Billy Gardell sat in on the panel as guest co-hosts for Jack’s interview.

The Talk: Jack Osbourne Haunted Highway

Jack Osbourne said that he does believe in UFOs, especially in the modern age of drones. He claimed he has seen UFOs recently, while filming the Syfy show Haunted Highway.


Recently, Osbourne has become a husband and father to baby Pearl. He and his wife Lisa have created an email account for her daughter, so they can send her pictures of her life, like a time capsule of her past.

The Talk: Sharon Osbourne Grandma

The Talk: Jack Osbourne Fuse News & Nat Geo Wild Alpha Dogs Review

Jack Osbourne visited The Talk with updates on his marriage and baby, as well as a look at the new Nat Geo Wild reality series Alpha Dogs. (s_bukley /


What is it like having Sharon and Ozzy as grandparents? Sharon does very well with the baby, her first grandchild. She loves to shop for the new baby in the family.

Ozzy has grandchildren from his first marriage, but at least he doesn’t mind racking up baby gifts on his credit card.

The Talk: Jack Osbourne Fuse News

Fuse News, a new production of the music channel Fuse, is covering music, and Jack is the show’s West Coast correspondent. He is currently working on a story about groupies, and Sheryl Underwood volunteered her services as a groupie.

The Talk: Nat Geo Wild Alpha Dogs Review

Jack’s Nat Geo Wild series Alpha Dogs follows an Indiana kennel that works to train dogs that are used by the military and in law enforcement around the world.

“These guys are training the dogs that do bad things to bad people, and they’re saving lives in the process,” Osbourne said.

He was a former reserve police officer in Indiana. That is how he first learned about the kennel, which has now become the basis of the reality show.

Dogs are trained for jobs such as IED detection and law enforcement assistance. The risks can be high in these situations, so proper training is critical.

The Talk: Alpha Dogs Training Skills

Dog trainer Kenny from Vohne Liche Kennels was on hand with a trained dog to show off its skills. The kennel trains dogs for use all over the world by law enforcement and the military.

The trained narcotics dog was raring to go, but first, Kenny explained that strong, social dogs have the right personalities to do the job.

Finally, they hid something for him to find in one of four boxes, and the dog correctly identified the box containing his target object in two different attempts.

The Talk: Alpha Dogs Bite Sleeve Exercise

Next, Rex and Jack Osbourne demonstrated the bite sleeve exercise, in which a dog is trained to apprehend a suspect until police can intervene. In the demonstration, the dog attached himself to Jack’s arm and would not let go.

You can see the dogs in action on Alpha Dogs, Friday nights on Nat Geo Wild.


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