The Talk: Gilles Marini Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lesson & US Citizenship


The Talk: Gilles Marini

Steamy actor Gilles Marini has been seen on Brother and Sisters and Dancing with the Stars. Now, he is one of the stars on Switched At Birth, the acclaimed ABC Family series. He sat down at the table for The Talk.

The Talk: Gilles Marini US Citizenship

Over the last decade, Gilles Marini has been working toward his American citizenship, and he finally achieved his goal. He is proud to be an American as of July 2012.


The Talk: Gilles Marini Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lesson & US Citizenship

From Switched At Birth, actor Gilles Marini gave a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson on The Talk and discussed finally achieving US citizenship in summer 2012. (Helga Esteb /

Marini’s father died when he was young, and the future actor soon moved to Miami, despite not knowing how to speak English. One of his first jobs was waiting tables, and that is how he met a man who mentored him and helped him get established in the US.

The Talk: Gilles Marini Sign Language

Gilles and his family get together each week to watch Switched At Birth, and Marini had to learn sign language for the show. Despite his character’s reluctance about sign language, he said he is about to get the chance to learn American Sign Language.


Marini said that co-star Marlee Matlin only teaches him bad words in sign language, which is kind of funny.

Switched At Birth airs Monday nights on ABC Family.

The Talk: Gilles Marini Married

Gilles and his wife Carole have two children, Georges and Julianna. Their son is almost 14, and he has already started dating, which Marini saw as a milestone in his role as a father.

“He’s more like his mom,” Gilles said of his son’s intense relationship with his girlfriend.

The Talk: Gilles Marini Jiu Jitsu

Marini is also very into the sport of Jiu Jitsu, the Brazilian art of self-defense. He said that every woman should know Jiu Jitsu, which allows you to use an attacker’s strength against him or her.

He even said that he believes it should be taught to children in school, calling on the president to make this an educational requirement.

“Jiu Jitsu is the answer. It’s known to be the perfect martial art,” he said.

The Talk: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lesson

The ladies from The Talk suited up with Gilles for a quick lesson on the martial art. He showed Sara Gilbert how to prevent yourself from being choked by crossing your arms over the arms that are choking you.

He also showed guest host Carnie Wilson how to disable an attacker’s arm if you are grabbed from behind. How long until Carnie gets Sharon Osbourne’s seat on the panel permanently? I’m predicting it will happen within a year.

Last up was Sheryl Underwood, who was ready to learn some moves from Gilles in a bed she brought onto the set.


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