The Talk: George Eads Moonwalk & High School Days With Mom


The Talk: Mothers Mystery Week

All week, The Talk hosts are meeting mothers of celebrities. They have 90 seconds to guess the identity of the woman’s famous offspring. Yesterday’s guest was Soleil Moon Frye. The day’s celebrity mother was Vivian, whose son is a CBS TV drama actor. Sheryl Underwood correctly guessed that it was CSI star George Eads.

The Talk: George Eads Acting


The Talk: George Eads Moonwalk & High School Days With Mom

The Talk’s Mothers Mystery Week continued as the hosts met the mother of George Eads from CSI. Eads talked about his mother’s influence on his career. (Helga Esteb /

Underwood explained that she figured it out based on the mother and son’s mannerisms and matching smiles. Eads said that his mother means everything to him. He said she always supported his dreams of pursuing acting.

She even helped him get to LA at age 28, and supported him while he got his start in the business. Vivian explained that her son has always been funny, and was great at impressions of family members on holidays.


“We’d have him impersonating all of us, and we’d get big laughs out of that,” she said.

The Talk: George Eads Moonwalk

When Vivian mentioned that Eads used to have the Moonwalk dance moves down, the co-hosts cajoled him into a command performance, to the screams and cheers of the audience. I think he was thrown off a bit, but he got his mother to join him on the impromptu dance floor.

Eads said he hoped he hadn’t embarrassed his family with that performance. You shouldn’t expect to see him on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon.

The Talk: George Eads High School Days

Vivian said her son has always been handsome and had many girlfriends through the years. She was also the assistant principal at his high school. To make matters worse, his father was the district attorney. It sounds like he didn’t have much room to get in trouble as a teen.

For Mother’s Day, George brought his mother a special gift to present on the show. It was a framed picture of George and Vivian on George’s first trip to Los Angeles as a child.

“Mom’s rocking the Marge Simpson,” he said of her haircut in the old photograph. You can see George Eads every Wednesday night on CSI.


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