The Talk: Diane Ladd A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake Review


The Talk: Diane Ladd

Diane Ladd is a three-time Academy Award nominee and a writer/director who has collaborated with her daughter Laura Dern. She visited The Talk to share a short story collection called A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake.

The Talk: A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake Review


The Talk: Diane Ladd A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake Review

Actress and author Diane Ladd reminisced on The Talk and shared her new book, A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake, a collection of her short stories. (s_bukley /

Diane Ladd gifted the audience with autographed copies of her new book.Will you be reading A Bad Afternoon For A Piece Of Cake? Ladd said she is a fan of guest host Wayne Brady’s singing voice.

Diane Ladd and Laura Dern were both nominated for the movie Rambling Rose, which is a milestone bit of award trivia.


“To work with your child that you love is incredible,” she said.

The Talk: Diane Ladd Screen Actors Guild

But initially, Ladd did not want her daughter to go into show business. She said that other careers are less focused on aesthetics and probably have more stability.

Ladd said that culture is important and said she was concerned about the state of the Screen Actors Guild, with thousands of actors out of work and many earning $10,000 annually or less.

Wayne Brady blamed the rise of reality TV for hurting the industry. Do you agree with that perception?

The Talk: Christmas Vacation Review

Ladd said that she did her own stunt in the squirrel scene from the movie Christmas Vacation. She said that her hobby is medicine, and she wrote a previous book about miracles.

She had many friends who were doctors, and thought that the medical community was much more receptive to her contributions than Hollywood.

However, she was cast as Chevy Chase’s mother in the movie, even though they are the same age. She put together a crazy outfit and did her hair using baby powder.

Ladd feared that she would not get the role, but her over the top costume and maternal instincts helped her seal the deal.


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