The Talk: David Boreanaz Officer Down Review & Meeting Ozzy Osbourne


The Talk: David Boreanaz Meets Ozzy Osbourne

The Talk invited David Boreanaz on the show to discuss working on Bones and on a new independent film but he could not resist telling everyone about the first time he met Sharon Osbourne’s husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

The Talk: David Boreanaz Officer Down Review & Meeting Ozzy Osbourne

The Talk invited David Boreanaz on the show to discuss shooting the independent film Officer Down, vacationing with his family and meeting Ozzy Osbourne. (Joe Seer /


Boreanaz said he was on a flight to New York City and Diana Ross was sitting in front of him and Ozzy Osbourne was sitting behind him to his left. Well, Boreanaz was talking with Diana Ross and said they kept joking about her hair being so full and bouncy and flopping over the seat. As the flight continued, Boreanaz said Ozzy kept getting up and walking around the plane, munching on an apple and mumbling to himself. The mumbling continued to get louder and louder throughout entire flight until they finally landed and the three of them got on a golf cart to take them to the terminal. Right as Boreanaz and Ozzy took their seats in the back of the cart, with Ross sitting up front, Ozzy looked over at Boreanaz and said his only words the entire flight: “Bloody hell yeah.”

Well Sharon said she talked with Ozzy about the story the other day and Ozzy told her he was trying to watch TV but the static electricity in the plane was making Ross’ hair bigger and bigger, blocking the television he was trying to watch. He was just agitated that all that stood between him and the TV screen was a whole lot of Diana Ross’ hair.

The Talk: Jason Boreanaz Holiday Vacation

Boreanaz told The Talk he recently went on a holiday vacation with his family to Park City, Utah. He said they had a great time skiing and hanging out, but said he started to get cabin fever after a little while. Good thing someone had a camera when it started to kick in. The Talk showed a clip of a drunken Boreanaz in a bright red onesie, making a snow angel on the back deck of the cabin they were staying in.


The Talk: Jason Boreanaz Bones

Boreanaz said everyone is going to be able to see him dancing in the first episode of the new season of Bones, which he thought fans would be excited about. In the episode he and his partner go undercover as dancers in a dance competition as they try to solve a murder.”I like dancing,” he said. “I have got some moves and I have rhythm. I grew up listening to Motown.”

The Talk: Jason Boreanaz Officer Down

Boreanaz is also playing a part in the independent film Officer Down. He said he took the role because he really wanted to work with James Woods and his scenes in the movie, which also feature Souljaboy, only took three days for him to shoot in Canada. The film is opening in two theaters on January 18 2013.

“I am really looking for the $80 million opening,” Boreanaz said jokingly.


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